Moses Crosses the Red Sea Kids Sunday School Lesson

Dive into this famous Moses’ lesson from the book of Exodus! From his royal life in Egypt to challenging Pharaoh and witnessing God’s jaw-dropping miracles. As the Red Sea parts, will the Israelites finally find freedom? Learn how faith in God can help us in difficult situations. Join us for this gripping story, and let’s respond together: Trust and obey, there’s no other way! 

Group Worship

My Help Comes From You

In this song, kids learn that God is always with them. When they’re scared or need help, they can rely on God because God made everything and takes care of them.


Lyric Video  |  Motions Video


In this song, kids learn that God’s love is strong and never changes. They are safe because God is always by their side, offering help.


Lyric Video  |  Motions Video

Song 1
Song 5

Group Worship

My Help Comes From You

In this song, kids learn that God is always with them. When they’re scared or need help, they can rely on God because God made everything and takes care of them.


Lyric Video  |  Motions Video

Song 1


In this song, kids learn that God’s love is strong and never changes. They are safe because God is always by their side, offering help.


Lyric Video  |  Motions Video

Song 5

Opening Activity | Can You Get Out?

Fire Prince - Opening Activity

Today’s lesson is all about escaping. So let’s see how good you are at successfully escaping a maze.

20 Different Mazes in one PDF – If you don’t want the branding at the bottom of the page, there are 2 simple options for you:

1. Open the PDF in Acrobat Pro and select the EDIT menu, then select “Edit Text/Images” – From there you can click on the text and remove it.

2. Print out the PDF, once. Then put a white sheet of paper over the portion you want and make another copy. Voila! Branding is gone!

Fire Prince - Opening Activity

Object Lesson | Magnetic Obedience

Objects Needed: strong magnet, iron fillings or small metal objects like paperclips), a white sheet of paper, a tray or table

  1. Place the white sheet of paper on the tray or table.
  2. Sprinkle the iron filings or place the small magnetic objects on the paper.
  3. Without revealing the magnet to the students, move it underneath the paper. They will observe the iron filings or the objects moving and aligning themselves according to the position and movement of the magnet.
  4. You can also show them how if you flip the magnet (changing its pole), the filings or objects might rearrange or move in a different direction.

Let’s talk about what just happened! You know how our little iron bits (or paperclips) moved and danced around on the paper, even though they couldn’t “see” the magnet? The magnet has a special invisible “hug” (or sometimes a “push”) that makes things move close to it or away from it. It’s like an invisible hand guiding the bits wherever it goes beneath the paper.

Sometimes in life, we might feel a bit like those iron bits or paperclips, not really sure which way to go. But God is like that invisible magnet. Even if we can’t see Him, He’s always guiding us. And when we trust and listen to Him, just like the iron bits listen to the magnet, we end up in the right place!

Lesson Script

EXODUS 11-14

The tenth plague is mentioned in the lesson only as the tenth plague. It is not described in any detail because I don’t think it’s necessary for the story. I think this story is more age-appropriate without the details of the tenth plague included. However, this is your lesson, so you do as you see best.


For the last several weeks (see entire series here) we have been talking about … ?

Moses, right!

Moses was born a Hebrew slave in Egypt. After being rescued from danger by Pharaoh’s daughter, a princess, Moses spent his growing-up years in Egypt.

Eventually, Moses leaves, and one day, while watching his father-in-law’s sheep on the side of the mountain, God tells him to go back to Egypt and tell Pharaoh to let all the Hebrew slaves go free.

This request doesn’t go over too well with Pharaoh. Instead, Pharaoh, who thinks he’s a god, says ‘no’ to Moses’ God. Then over the next couple months, Pharaoh is shown over and over again how powerless the “gods” of Egypt are. The one true God proves to Pharaoh through 10 different plagues that He rules on high.


In fact, the 10th plague is awful. Listen to this…


Moses tells Pharaoh that the 10th plague is going to come that night and there is nothing Pharoah can do about it. Moses, in the throneroom of Pharaoh, describes exactly what will happen during the plague.

He then begins to talk about what will happen after the plague is over. Listen to the end of his speech:

(Teacher, read this ANGRY…Moses is mad as he says this)

All these officials of yours will come to me, bowing down before me and saying, ‘Go, you and all the people who follow you!’ After that, I will leave.”


Exodus 11:8

“Then Moses, hot with anger, left Pharaoh.”


Moses leaves Pharaoh’s palace, and that night, the plague comes. It’s so bad that in the middle of the night, Pharaoh orders Moses to come to the palace. When Moses gets there, Pharaoh commands Moses and all the Hebrew slaves to leave IMMEDIATELY. He doesn’t want them anywhere near Egypt.


For the first time in more than 400 years…


That day, for the first time in more than 400 years, the Hebrew people were free. They get their stuff and walk out of Egypt. And on their way, the Egyptians give them all their nice stuff! They so badly want the Hebrews gone that they will do anything to get them out of town.

But the Israelites aren’t as free as they think they are…at least not yet.

As they leave Egypt, Pharaoh realizes what he has done. Listen to what he says:


Exodus 14:5

“What have we done? We have let the Israelites go and have lost their services!”


Pharaoh, the ruler of all Egypt, has just let all his employees (all his workers) walk out. What’s going to happen to Egypt if all his help leaves??

So Pharaoh does what any of us would do… GO AFTER THEM!!

And it’s not long before they catch up to them. The Bible even tells us where they caught up to them:

Exodus 14:9

“…they pursued the Israelites and overtook them as they camped by the sea near Pi Hahiroth, opposite Baal Zephon.”


(Listen to the audio recording of Exodus 14 here for the pronunciation of these names…)

Now, that might not sound so bad until you realize where they were.


Picture this:


On one side of the Israelites is Pharaoh’s army, a group of angry men with chariots, horses, and weapons.

On the other side is the Red Sea – a huge body of water, they can’t exactly swim across.

So no matter where they look it’s bad news..either give up and surrender to Pharaoh’s army and go back to Egypt, or drown in the Red Sea.

So what would you do in this situation?

Well, the Israelites, who are scared, do what we would probably do. They get mad at the guy in charge…Moses.

Listen to what they say:

Exodus 14:12

“Was it because there were no graves in Egypt that you brought us out to the desert to die?….It would have been better for us to serve the Egyptians than to die in the desert.”


They all look at Moses and say (sarcastically) “Oh! We see what your plan was. You brought us here to die instead of dying as slaves in Egypt! This is ridiculous, we were better off in Egypt.”

The Israelites were scared and afraid. The Egyptians were about to capture them and take them back as slave. The only other choice they had was to drown in the Red Sea trying to escape.

So Moses turns around tells all of them what to do. And what he says to them, is what we all need to hear. Listen to this:

Exodus 14:13-14

“Do not be afraid. Stand firm and you will see the deliverance the Lord will bring you today. The Egyptians you see today you will never see again. The Lord will fight for you; you need only to be still.” 


Moses tells the people:

“What you need to do is trust God. The same God who sent all the plagues on Egypt to rescue us is the same one who will deliver us all now! Watch and see!!”

Exodus tells us that a cloud came down between the Israelites and the Egyptian army. On one side of the cloud the Egyptian army was in total darkness, but on the other side of the cloud Moses and all the Israelites could see just fine. It was as bright as the middle of the day.

It’s at this point that many of you might know the story. At God’s command, Moses stretches his hand over the Red Sea and God parts the water. There is a runway right through the middle of the sea for all of the Israelites to walk through.

What had seemed impossible to the Israelites only a little while ago was now happening. They were escaping the Egyptians one last time…now they were free!


All of this happened….


All of this happened, not because Moses was a brilliant leader, or because he was super smart. Millions of former slaves escaped one of the greatest armies on earth because they trusted God. Even when it looked like God had messed up and they were trapped between an army and an ocean, God had an amazing plan to rescue them.

The same God that rescued these slaves from Pharaoh is the God we can trust today. When our friends let us down, when we feel anxious and afraid, and when life doesn’t turn out the way we want it to, we have a God we can always put our trust in. Because just as He was looking out for the Israelites, He is looking out for you.

Say it with me:

Trust and obey because there’s no other way!

Optional: Sing How Did Moses Cross the Red Sea?
(here’s the tune)

How did Moses cross the Red Sea
How did Moses cross the Red Sea
How did Moses cross the Red Sea
How did he get across?

Did he swim? No, no
Did he sail? No, no
Did he fly? No, no, no, no

Cross a bridge? No, no
Did he leap? No no
How did he get across?

God blew with His wind
Puff, puff, puff, puff
He blew just enough
‘nuff, ‘nuff, ‘nuff, ‘nuff

And through the sea
God made a path
That’s how he got across.

What does it mean to FOLLOW Jesus?
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Fire Prince - Group Game 2

Group Game | Breath Mint Shake

Fire Prince - Group Game 2

Objects Needed: 2 rulers, full tic tac container taped to each end

This game has to do with escaping. Just like the Israelites escaped with Moses out of Egypt we are going to do some escaping of our own today. Except this is going to be a little more fun than running away from an angry man!

Glue full tic-tac containers to each end of a ruler. Have enough rulers for several kids and something to clean the ruler with between kids, if you are sharing the ruler. No sense in passing on germs!

Then, before the game begins, open the tops of the tic tac containers. Once you say go, the object is to empty the tic tac containers by shaking your head back and forth. No turning your head upside down or using any other body parts. Only head-shaking is allowed!

Here’s the idea

Option: instead of gluing tic-tac containers, glue small plastic cups to the end of the ruler.

Memory Verse

We can trust God no matter what! Life can seem out of control sometimes, and we might even feel scared. That’s a normal reaction! But we always need to remember that no matter what happens God is completely in control and we can put our complete trust in Him.

Isaiah 12:2

"God is my deliverer! I will trust in him and not fear. For the LORD gives me strength and protects me. (NET)"

Small Group Questions

What did God tell Moses to do while he was watching his father-in-law’s sheep?
God told Moses to go back to Egypt and tell Pharaoh to let all the Hebrew slaves go free.

How did God show Pharaoh that He was the one true God?
God showed Pharaoh through 10 different plagues, proving His power.

What happened to the Hebrew people as they left Egypt?
The Hebrew people left Egypt and were given nice things by the Egyptians who wanted them gone.

Why did Pharaoh change his mind and go after the Hebrews?
Pharaoh realized he had lost his workforce and decided to pursue the Hebrews.

Where did Pharaoh’s army catch up to the Israelites?
Pharaoh’s army caught up to the Israelites at the Red Sea

How did the Israelites react to their predicament, and what did they say to Moses?
The Israelites were scared and complained to Moses that he brought them to the desert to die.

What miracle happened as the Israelites faced the Red Sea?
God parted the Red Sea at Moses’ command, creating a path for the Israelites to escape.

Why were the Israelites able to escape from Pharaoh’s army?
They escaped because they trusted in God, even when it seemed impossible.

What lesson can we learn from this story?
Answers will vary

Small Group Activity | Do you "Domino it"

Fire Prince - Small Group

Objects Needed: Print out this verse document and cover each of the words in the verse with a domino. (don’t have enough dominos? use a couple of legos to cover each word instead!)

With each word of the verse covered with a domino, pick someone to begin the activity. If they can guess the word underneath the domino, they win that domino. Whoever has the most dominos at the end, wins!

Fire Prince - Small Group

Words For This Week

This is included with every lesson I create, and is designed as a printout for you to give to parents after class.


Today’s Scripture: Exodus 11-14

Memory Verse: God is my deliverer! I will trust in him and not fear. For the LORD gives me strength and protects me. Isaiah 12:2 (NET Version)


This week’s lesson was one of the more familiar stories in Scripture. Today we talked about Moses leading the children of Israel out of Egypt and across the Red Sea.

Stop for a moment this week to consider what your Red Sea moment might be. What task or upcoming responsibility strikes fear in you, even just thinking about it? What situation in your life is simply overwhelming to you? It’s your Red Sea moment.

Moses faced the impossible. One of the most powerful armies in the world was marching toward him, and his only other option was a huge body of water with no way to get across.

Remember, friends, we know the end of the story. Moses didn’t. And that is what made this his Red Sea moment.

Life, or more accurately, God had placed him in this seemingly impossible situation, and now it was up to Moses: was he going to get mad and run for the hills, or was he going to wait and trust the God he couldn’t see?

It’s the same choice we have when faced with ‘impossible’ situations. Are we willing to trust God even though we cannot see Him?

Do we trust God THAT much?

Moses did, and history speaks to what his God-honoring faith brought about. What will your choice be?

Key Thought:

Trust and obey because their is no other way.

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