Do you have the guts to confuse your Sunday School class?

Thanks to Kenny Conley at CMO for helping me discover this content.

Excerpt from Kenny’s post:

A couple nights ago I was watching some TED talks on my phone while I was watering the grass in my front yard (everyone does that, right?). There was an amazing talk by Ramsey Musallam, a Chemistry Teacher at a Catholic School. It took a life-threatening incident to shake him out of what he calls pseudo-teaching. Now he has some very strong ideas about teaching students. If you teach/communicate within the church, this 6 minute video is worth watching. 

read the rest of his post and watch the TED talk here


I am just so excited I discovered this. What Ramsey shares in his TED talk is really why I have this website. I am SO tired of boring Sunday School lessons. I am tired of people not being willing to try new methods of teaching. I am tired of “be quiet and listen” being the way Jesus is taught.

I want kids to love learning about Jesus. I want kids to love more than just their church, I want them to love actually listening to the story!

Imagine if kids came to church as excited about their Sunday School lesson as you were to hear some amazing preacher in the pulpit.

Jesus, and the truth of the Bible, should be fascinating for kids. Let’s dedicate ourselves to making that a reality.

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