Here’s how ‘normal’ people instantly turn into great Sunday School Teachers

Let’s start with a little bit of truth talk up in this joint:

Teaching Sunday School can seem daunting.


You see kids sitting there very Sunday staring you down, listening to your every word, soaking up everything you have to say, and the doubts start to creep in:

“What if I’m not saying the right things!!”

“I’m not very smart!”

Guess what…the best Sunday School teachers aren’t that smart.

You know what smart people do when they teach? They use big words. They complicate things. That talk in terms they understand while totally leaving kids wondering what is going on. Smart people have a problem talking like us ‘normal’ people, and that makes it hard for kids to understand ‘smart people’.

[pullquote cite=”” type=”left, right”]Smart people have a problem talking like us ‘normal’ people, and that makes it hard for kids to understand ‘smart people’.[/pullquote]

I love smart people, and on certain topics I can be one of them. But there is no requirement for you to be smart to be a teacher. Kids need things explained simply, and in terms they can easily understand.

When you are the type of person that can ONLY explain things simply that makes you PERFECT to teach Sunday School!

You might think your ‘simple’ explanations aren’t ‘smart enough’. I am here to tell you today, that your simple explanations are EXACTLY what kids are looking for.

Heck – your ‘simple’ explanations are what kids need!

And as for the “What if I’m not saying the right things!?”

Guess what?

I make silly mistakes and I’ve been doing this for a decade!

So calm down.


You will make mistakes too. And it is totally OK. It’s normal. It’s to be expected. If you don’t make mistakes you aren’t human.

And guess what…if you make a big enough mistake the kids will LOVE to remind you that you didn’t say it right. You will go from a teacher they can’t relate to, to a teacher they get to help teach the lesson with!

That makes you one of their favorite teachers!

Don’t obsess over ‘saying all the right words’. If you know the basics of your lesson then just focus on the kids while you are teaching it. I’ve found that it always ends up working out.

And you know what…people that obsess over every word aren’t very good teachers. They are so focused on saying the right words they forget to teach and inspire their audience.

Now maybe you are saying… “I’m not a good speaker”

Since when is being Joel Osteen a requirement for talking to kids?


I mean come on, seriously!?

Besides, being a ‘good speaker’ is relative to the audience. You don’t have to be a professional communicator to teach kids.

Kids want authentic, friendly, down-to-earth people who will listen and talk to them. Kids aren’t looking for you to be Joel Osteen or Tony Robbins. They are looking for someone to befriend and look up to. Kids are looking for a Sunday School teacher that will love them and also teach them God’s Word.

That’s it. Your ability to speak “well” should never stop you from teaching kids the Bible.

When it comes down to it, the job of a Sunday School teacher is pretty basic. The teacher needs to talk about one big idea with their class each week. And the ideas typically change each week. One week you are focused on ‘love’. The next week the topic changes to ‘being helpful’.

That’s it!

Between all that goes on during a typical Sunday morning at the end of the day there is only one goal for a Sunday School teacher, and that’s to help the kids remember one big idea!

This past week in Sunday School my lesson was on the building of the Tabernacle, from the last half of Exodus. My main point was that “God’s Power Lives in Us.” It could have seemed daunting to try to explain and understand all the intricacies of the tabernacle. There are a lot of ceremonies and rituals to understand, not forgetting that even scholars don’t agree on the meaning of them all!

So I decided instead of trying to be the “smart guy” I would make the lesson as fun and as interesting as possible. I used the idea of being a ‘superhero’ as a clever analogy for the power of God in us.

And guess what…I think the kids got it!

And you can do the same thing.


Decide you are going to love kids and hang out with them for an hour or so every Sunday while teaching them a truth from God’s Word. When you take the leap and commit to teach you won’t regret it. I promise!

If you need help with the contents of your lesson, including exactly what to say, you have come to right place.

I want to do everything in my power to empower you to teach Sunday School. I believe teaching has changed my life and I want the same thing for you!

If you have more questions email me – nathan [at] betterbibleteachers [dotcom]

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