20 Ways to Conquer Distractions [Infographic]

I’m an easily distracted person. And by easily distracted, I mean, EASILY distracted.

If I’m working on something detailed I’ll often put on headphones and listen to a podcast or music just to keep my mind from going a thousand different directions. When my mind runs free I will find myself being busy but doing absolutely nothing for an entire hour.

While I don’t consider myself ADD, I do have a problem with focus. So I want to understand how to eliminate some of the ‘chaos’ that goes on inside my brain while I’m trying to complete a project. How can I focus on what I need to get done long enough to actually finish what I’m working on?

I decided to ask Google for help and then had the infographic below created based on what I found. These are some of the ideas that I found helpful and I trust a few of them might help you as well.


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