5 Easy Sunday School Games for Elementary Age Kids

I remember this one time a kid came up to me after church and was like,

“I don’t want to go back that church…that was WAY TOO MUCH FUN!”

(See what I did there? It’s called hyperbole.)

No kid, in the history of mankind, has ever said that. Kids love it when us teachers bring the fun.

So I’ve been slaving away on my keyboard finding some great Sunday School games that are fun to play. But more than that I’ve been on the hunt for games that meet some of my key criteria…

1. They must be easy to explain to kids.

2. They must not require extensive setup.

3. They must not involve lots of crazy props or expensive equipment.

No one wants a game that no one understands and you get frustrated over because of all the time it took to get it ready.

So here are 5 games, that are easy, fun, and perfect for Sunday morning…

1. Kleen-ed Out

Props: fresh boxes of Kleenex (any size as long as all are the same), one box for each contestant

Using only one hand, contestants must empty an entire Kleenex box, one at a time. The first person with an empty Kleenex box wins.

Hint: Decide beforehand whether contestants are allowed to use the other hand to hold the box steady!


2. Breakfast Scramble

Props: the front of a cereal box, cut up into 16 even pieces (at least one set)

Give each contestant a pile of all the pieces to the front of one cereal box. To be fair, each set should be cut from the same cereal box. The goal is to be the first one to completely assemble, in jigsaw puzzle style, the front of the box in the correct order.


3. Bucket Head

Props: empty buckets (small/ light enough that kids can hold over their heads), ping pong balls

Kids team up in groups of 2. When time starts, one kid from each team will hold a bucket on top of his head. The other kid will try to throw a ping pong ball into that bucket from a few feet away.

The team with the most balls in their bucket at the end of the time wins.

Hint: The kid with the bucket on his head is allowed to move his body to catch the ping pong ball, but cannot move his feet or make himself shorter by bending or sitting down.


4. Dizzy Mummy

Props: new rolls of toilet paper

One kid holds a roll of toilet paper vertically by putting one or more fingers in the end of the tube. The partner takes the end of the toilet paper roll and walks a few feet away.

When the game begins, the partner holding the end of the toilet paper spins around in circles so that the toilet paper roll wraps him, mummy style.

If the paper breaks, a helper can hand the new end to the child, so the game continues until the paper is completely unrolled.

The first contestant to unroll all the toilet paper by wrapping it around himself/herself wins.


5. Gravity Tap

Props: 3 balloons (inflated) per contestant

The contestant must attempt to keep 3 balloons off the ground for 1 minute by tapping them.

Hint: Allow for plenty of room, as they will be chasing the balloons around a bit!

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