Fun Sunday School Lesson Idea (Jesus Calls Peter / Miraculous Catch of Fish)

Last week my lesson was on Peter being called by Jesus. It’s the story of Peter, having fished all day, obeys Jesus and goes back out to fish again. When he puts his net down the fish come in hoards!

There is a decent ‘story’ to this lesson, which helps. It’s not like you have to keep the kids attention for 20 minutes with a lesson on Leviticus. There is a cool story to tell here.

But nevertheless, 20 minutes is a long time for a kid to listen and pay attention. So I always try to insert something in the lesson that will break up all the talking and get the kids focused again.

What I ended up doing was thinking about what my reaction would have been the moment I caught all those fish. And one of the first things I thought of was, “I would start my own business!”

So, since I’m a little bit of an artist I made my own t-shirt for this imaginary business.


I wore my regular Sunday morning shirt over the top of this one. Then about half way through the lesson I talked about Peter catching all these fish and thinking about what his reaction COULD have been.

That’s when I pulled off my top shirt and revealed this one!

Ultimately it’s a joke, because we know what Peter’s reaction was, but I thought it was fun to imagine a different reaction and at the same time use a funny t-shirt to break up the story.

Have you ever tried something like this? Have you ever made a shirt specifically for a Sunday School lesson?

If not, you should try it…just once. It makes you look forward to your lesson even more and the kids TOTALLY don’t expect it.

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