Sunday School Game for Elementary Age Kids That Rocks [Video Included]

This week I watched as the kids at my church played this awesome game with glow sticks. After seeing it, I had to share!

Easy setup, Easy fun

It has all the qualities of a game you’ll love. It’s easy setup, easy to pull off, and both the kids and their parents L-O-V-E it.

How do I know the parents love it?

Because when we played this game at my church the parents were in the back of the room taking pictures with their phones during the game! Yeah…the parents were all over it!!

Here’s How It Goes

So here’s how it goes. You pass out blue, red, purple, and green glowsticks to the class. Every kid should have a glowstick that is one of those four colors.  (Which means they are already interested in what’s next.) Then you tell the class you are going to play a video. The kids job is to see how well they can follow the instructions given in the video.

Start the video, turn out the lights and let the fun begin! The video prompts the kids to hold up a particular color glowstick at a certain time. The more kids that follow along the more fun it is to see the room light up in different colors.

It’s basically a giant glow stick party.

Like I said above…we played this at my church this past Sunday. The kids loved it. In fact, as soon as the video stopped they were all asking for more. They were totally into it and didn’t want it to end.

In summary: Give out blue, red, purple, and green glowsticks. Turn off the lights, play the video. As the kids follow along with the video the fun takes care of itself.

I hope you enjoy this as much as I did!

Simon Glowsticks from Zak Johnson on Vimeo.

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