Want to achieve more? Beware of these 4 emotions

Whether you teach Sunday School or not, I’m sure you want to become a better person. So here are a few inspiring articles I found from other places online that I wanted to share with you.

Some are deep and meaningful, others are just pure fun.


Four Emotions Derailing Your Goals

In my experience there are four emotions that usually come mixed in a powerful cocktail, sure to undermine our goals.


How To Teach Anything to Anyone

“The whole idea behind teaching is to engage and excite learners so they choose to drive their own proactive exploration into the subject. To do this you need to be enthusiastic about the subject.

If you don’t care about the material you’re teaching, why should they?”


Watch Liquid Boil and Freeze at the Same Time

Totally unrelated, yet totally awesome!


10 Things Christians Should Stop Saying

Stop telling people going through hard times that “everything happens for a reason”. Even though it’s theologically true, it’s terribly insensitive.

Lemonade for getting rid of both headaches and anxiety

I have no idea if this works but apparently the combination of lavender, lemon, water, and honey make a powerful cocktail for fighting depression and headaches. At worst, it seems worth a shot.


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