How to teach kids to trust God

“So that wraps it up for this week kids, remember Trust in God!”

And with that general statement class is dismissed and no one really understands what trust is anymore than when they first came in. If anything the Sunday School kids are now, just more educated in “Bible lingo” so they can sound more “Christian”.

The next time one of the kids hears the word “trust” they’ll think, “oh yeah, a Bible word!!”

And that’s a shame. Trusting in God is so fundamentally important to the Christian walk, and yet in Sunday School we are happy just throwing around the term for half an hour, hoping that the kids will “catch on”.

Here’s a better idea:



When I say the word “trust” what comes to mind?


Did you realize that everyday you trust in a LOT of different things?

When you get ready to eat breakfast, you open the fridge and trust that your mom or dad has food in there for you. Otherwise you would starve!!

When you get in the car to go to school, you trust that the car won’t fall apart going 65 miles an hour down the highway.

When you are dropped off at school you trust that your mom or dad will pick you up when school is over.

Has anyone ever had to wait a while for their parents at school and they didn’t know where they were? It’s a little scary, right? You know why you get scared? It’s because the trust you had in your parents to pick you up, has disappeared. Now you are worried IF they will pick you up at all. All of us know in the back of our minds, that our parents will eventually pick us up, but there are moments where the trust you had in them gets a little shaky.

Every day there are hundreds of things we put our trust in.

So let me ask you another question. Why do you trust your parents?

Have you done a complete background check on them to make sure they are good people? (No!)

Have you asked a bunch of their friends if they are nice and if they can be trusted? (No!)

Have you interviewed them yourself to see if they are trustworthy? (No!)

The reason you trust them is because of what they have done for you in the past.

When you were a baby, they kept you alive! They fed you when you couldn’t feed yourself.

When you tried to play in the road, they stopped you before you got hurt. When you tried to eat bugs, they told you that probably wasn’t a good idea.

You trust your parents to take care of you because they have been doing it for a long time, already, right?

Today, we are going to talk about trusting in God. And we are going to back in history several hundred years to talk about a mom and a dad who did something most of us could never imagine. And in their story we will see amazing trust in God…



In this particular lesson, I go on to talk about Jochebed and Amram; you might know them better as the parents of Moses. The trust they had to set their 3-month old baby afloat on the Nile was amazing. Can you imagine holding a little tiny baby in your arms, and then the next minute, pushing that baby out into open water.

I mean…wow!!

So back to my original thoughts at the beginning of this post. The next time you talk about trusting in God in class, please don’t just repeat the word “trust” a lot like many teachers do. Instead, find a relevant example that the kids would understand (like the one in the script above) and start your explanation with that.

This is how you drive Bible truth into the hearts and minds of kids. This is how we should be teaching them to trust in God.

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