Why Sunday School Teachers Quit and What You Can Do About It

You know what’s super frustrating?

Sunday School teachers that quit. No, not take a few weeks off, but like actually sign off…for good.

It’s hard enough to find decent Sunday School teachers, much less replace them!

So this got me thinking. WHY? Why do Sunday School teachers quit and what can we do about it?

And then it hit me:

Have you ever stopped to consider the differences between traditional K-12 teachers and Sunday School teachers? It’s pretty dramatic.


Your average K-12 teacher likely has a degree in Education with certifications on top of it based on what they want to teach. There are standards teachers have to meet to keep their jobs and their performances are evaluated every year by tests like SAT.

Your traditional grade school teacher is a well-equipped information ninja when they walk into the classroom! The teacher is trained to handle any and every classroom situation and it really seems like almost nothing phases them. By the time your average teacher lands in a classroom they are pretty well set.

Now look at your average Sunday School teacher.


They likely have a day job that has nothing to with teaching. Your typical Sunday School teacher has no formal training as a classroom leader and is just ‘winging it’ on Sunday because they want to help your ministry out. They aren’t qualified to teach, and they certainly aren’t trained to teach. They are simply teaching out of the generosity of their hearts.

So, isn’t it logical to deduce that the curriculum and support materials you give a Sunday School teacher might be MORE important than those you give to a traditional school teacher?

One of these teachers needs all the help they can get, the other is a trained professional!

It’s pretty obvious who is going to need the most help!

When you look for materials to help out your volunteer church teaching staff look for stuff a regular person could use and understand. Look for curriculum that is there to “bail out” the volunteer when they run out of ideas. Look for curriculum that provides a virtual “buffet” of options for the Sunday School teacher to do during class.

The stakes of a poor traditional education are high. The stakes of a poor spiritual education are ETERNAL. Make sure to choose wisely!

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