Kid-Friendly Skit inspired by Peter and John’s healing of the crippled beggar

In my Peter Can curriculum, we talk about 10 amazing stories from the life of Peter and how God used an ordinary man (Peter) to do extraordinary things.

Every week of the curriculum includes a kid-friendly skit. And this skit is well….extra-kid friendly…so I had to share!!

This skit comes from Week 6’s lesson called “Rise up and Walk”. This lesson tells the story of Peter and John’s healing of the crippled beggar at the temple (Acts 3).

So in this skit, there is a little bit of “handicapping” involved.

The skit gets a little messy, but nothing that is too crazy for a quick clean up on a Sunday morning.

Before you do the skit, I would preselect 2 willing volunteers and give them at least a hint what is involved. The skit won’t work very well if the volunteers aren’t comfortable with each other and don’t want to get a little messy.

The Skit

Pre-selected Volunteer A: (cannot see)
Pre-selected Volunteer B: (cannot use hands)

(Narrator selects the two volunteers from among the kids, as if by random)

Narrator: Okay, are you ready for your tasks?

A&B: Yeah! We’re ready. What do you need us to do?

Narrator: I want you to make a Peanut Butter and Jelly sandwich.

(Narrator puts peanut butter, jelly, a plate, a loaf of bread, and a knife on the table)

A & B: Really? That’s it? That’s easy!

Narrator:  Easy? It shouldn’t be easy… Wait, I forgot something. Okay. You have to make a Peanut Butter and Jelly sandwich, but A, you can’t use your hands. And B, you can’t use your eyes.

A: How am I supposed to make a peanut butter and jelly sandwich with no hands!

B: How am I supposed to make a peanut butter and jelly sandwich with no eyes!

Narrator: I guess… You’ll just have to work together. Oh, and one more thing. B, you need to stand behind A like this…

(Narrator sets A & B up so that A is standing at the table with her arms behind her back, and B’s arms are looped through hers. Both should be facing the audience and the sandwich fixings. Narrator should tie A’s arms together, and put a blindfold over B’s eyes.)

Narrator: Okay, ready? Go!

(A&B look at each other.)

B: Okay first we need bread. Grab the loaf and open it.

A: I can’t see it! Where is it?

B: (describes where the loaf of bread is while A tries to find it and open it.)

B: Okay, so now open the bread and pull out two pieces. Put them on the plate.

(A pulls out two pieces of bread and puts them on the table, while B keeps trying to tell her how to put them on the plate. When she finally succeeds, they move on.)

A: Okay, now stick the knife in the peanut butter.

(A&B work together to get the peanut butter out of the jar and onto the bread. At some point, B may decide to just stick her hand in the jar for comedic effect)

B: There, peanut butter is on the bread. Where is the jelly?

A: (explains where the jelly is while B tries to find it)

(They successfully make the peanut butter and jelly sandwich)

Narrator: Okay, now eat it!

(B reaches down and grabs the sandwich and shoves it repeatedly in A’s face. She finally takes a bite and the skit is over.)

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