Sunday School Lessons for the Next Three Months

I’d like to share with you an easy way to plan out months and months of Sunday school lessons ahead of time.

It’s not difficult it’s not complicated and it will not take you very long.

And best of all there is no additional work needed to get these lessons ready for your volunteers. I’ll tell you more about that in a minute…but for now I’d like to show you what your next three months of Sunday school lessons could look like.

Sunday School Lessons 1-5

For the first five weeks you will teach using an Olympic games type theme. Since the games in Rio happen during the summer what better theme is there to use to get kids excited to come to church every week?

I suggest having “Olympic games” every week for them to play.

Now obviously you can’t have girls in dresses and boys in dress pants competing in true Olympic style games, but you can find some fun activities for your class to play to give your class a little bit of an Olympic feel.

Not only that but I would also suggest using some Olympic stories and Olympic ideas to tie together your lessons with the Olympic theme.

Maybe tell a story of someone who overcame great odds or describe the process of becoming an Olympian. These types of true stories make great introductions and are great segues into the retelling of a familiar Bible story.

So for Sunday School lessons weeks 1-5 I would tell the story of Esther.

This Bible story is a perfect tie in with the whole idea of competition in the Olympics. Esther competes in week one for the crown and by the end of her story she is competing for the king’s attention to save the lives of her people!

What a great way to keep the summer exciting for your kids!

What to teach when summer is over

As you begin the Fall I think you should find a series of lessons that are super engaging but that don’t require a lot of week to week planning. Before you know it Thanksgiving and Christmas will be here. And you need to spend time in the early parts of the Fall planning for Christmas.


You will probably have more people on your church campus during the holidays than at any other time during the year so the planning needs to begin early in order to make your environment amazing for new visitors.

So I would suggest teaching a 10 week series on the life of Peter during the fall.

You talk about some exciting stories….Peter’s life is one exciting story after another!

And to give it a little fun twist why not teach the stories of Peter while playing off the idea of Peter Pan? Peter Pan looked like an ordinary boy but we all know his story of doing extraordinary things. Why not teach the life of an ordinary fisherman who became an extraordinary witness for Jesus Christ?

Here is what this might look like.

Sunday School Lessons 6-15

In the first couple weeks I would tell stories from the early parts of Peter’s life.

In week one I would talk about Jesus calling Peter to follow him after Jesus makes a miraculous catch of fish for Peter.

In week two I would talk about Jesus walking on stormy seas while coming to the aid of Peter and the disciples. In week three I would tell the sometimes forgotten story of the miracle of Jarius’ daughter. In weeks four and five I would tell the story of Peter denying Jesus three times and then the story of Peter realizing his Savior had really risen from the dead.

In weeks six and seven I would talk about the days and weeks after Jesus rose from the dead when Peter and John healed the crippled beggar and when Peter preached in front of the very people who had put Jesus to death only a few weeks earlier.

In weeks eight, nine, and ten I would talk about Peter’s dream where God shows him that everyone is a part of the family of God and that God does not show any partiality. The next week I would tell the amazing story of Peter being freed from prison and then in the final week I will review some of the highlights of Peter’s life and recounts how an ordinary fisherman became one of the most talked about disciples in our world today.

All 15 Lessons as a List:

Olympic Theme:

  1. Esther Becomes Queen (Esther 2)
  2. Haman’s Plot (Esther 3)
  3. The King’s Dream (Esther 6)
  4. Do or Die (Esther 5, 7)
  5. The Jewish People Saved (Esther 8, 9)

Peter Can

  1. Peter Called / Miraculous Catch (Luke 5)
  2. Peter Walks on Water (Matthew 14)
  3. Jarius’ Daughter Healed (Mark 5)
  4. Cockadoodle Do (John 18)
  5. The Empty Tomb (john 20)
  6. The Crippled Beggar Healed (Acts 3)
  7. Peter Preaches “You Killed Him, God Raised Him” (Acts 3)
  8. God Shows No Partiality (Acts 10-11)
  9. Peter Escapes Prison (Acts 12)
  10. Peter’s Life – From Ordinary to Extraordinary (John 21 / Review)


That was probably a bit much…

So what you just read was a simple straightforward plan for almost 4 months worth of Sunday school lessons. (sorry I went a little crazy)

Presented above was 15 weeks worth of lessons that would have your kids excited to come to church while allowing you to do more then just try to dream up some ideas for your Sunday morning volunteers.

Now, maybe you’re thinking, “this is all well and good but I still have to come up with songs and activities and small group questions and parent take-home sheets and the like for every week”. Well, I want you to know that if that sounds daunting I have done all that work for you.

When you join the BetterBibleTeachers membership you will have immediate access to all of these lessons.

Every lesson inside the membership includes not only a complete lesson script but also worship song suggestions (with hand motion videos), an opening activity, a kid friendly skit, a game, some small group questions, a small group activity, and a parent wrap-up page. Basically it’s Sunday morning all planned for you.

So if you want a secret Sunday school assistant but can’t afford additional staff members I might be able to help you. Join theBetterBibleTeachers membership today and your preparation for Sunday will be almost as simple as “print and go”.

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