What Makes A Great Sunday School Teacher? (A Poem)


Teachers, I ask you now to gather round,

Truth and wisdom leaves a mighty trail, makes a mighty sound.


Teaching for some is easy, for others it is come by quite hard,

To some the gift comes naturally, to some, thoughts are barred.

But I tell you now, your story can find hope anew,

From a different perspective, with a little attitude!


The generation in front of you is only a start,

The stories you tell, will by light years depart.


Into the future, on hearts made bold in His name,

The stories will be carried; His planting, His fame.

So tarry a while, over your lessons now,

The words that you tell can amaze can wow.


Just follow a few rules, a few itsy bitsy things

You’ll be amazed at the results your studiousness brings!


Let’s start our regaling with a caveat, an anchoring of sorts,

Raise the bar of expectations, mention you may come up short.

Using your negotiating skills, you could perhaps say,

“You may not like this story told, in this particular way”


Then tell them you have thought the story over and through,

You have a new perspective to share, an exciting view.

Ensure that Biblical truth is followed of course to the letter,

Because Freedom found this way, is richer, it is better.


Then move on to, umm, oh yes, to details and logistics

Do this not just in a way done by rote, by statistics,

Instead try a way more like a roller coaster,

Use words, make a play, try a sketch or a poster.


Make it full of visions, action and again some more truth,

Think of imagery that that when old will guide them back to their youth.

As they remember that story, that excitement they felt,

That adventure they took, as their attention was held.


Lastly, the root of the lesson should be told,

You can do this many ways, (sound more truths!), be quite bold!

You could say “you may not see this very clearly right now”,

But the Lord had His reasons for this to be written down.


There is a lesson to be learned, a special message that exists

Have them come up with ideas, put pencil to list.

Connect with their life in a way that’s far reaching

There is a reason, you, this lesson them are teaching.


From this side of the keyboard, Great Teachers, may I sincerely say?

Here’s to you, your dedication, on little to no pay!

Your hard work goes not unnoticed, on you, the Fathers’ keen

He grooms you now for things unseen.


A crown awaits thee don’t you know?

He gives increase to thee, and increase to what you sow.

The stories you tell today will leave a mighty echo

You Rock teachers! Bloom! Go forth and grow!


many thanks to Kari Greenaway for her help

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