How to Make Your Children’s Church Lesson Interesting

Here’s a simple way to turn a boring story in a fascinating Children’s Church lesson…

Think with me about Bible stories that happened at night. There are actually quite a few when you begin to think about it:

     – Some of the Egyptian plagues

     – God wrestles with Jacob

     – Much of the Christmas story

     – Jesus often prayed at night

     – Jesus walking the the water

     – Peter escapes prison

     – Peter denies Jesus

     – Jesus and Nicodemus

     – The Garden of Gethsemane events before Jesus’ crucifixion

     – and I’m sure you can think of more…

With these stories in mind, here is one the simplest ideas you could ever think of. But if you try it, I guarantee your lesson will be at least twice as amazing as it otherwise would have been!

What I’m about to say…

is very very simple but if you do it in your class I promise you will see amazing results.


Turn the lights off and tell a “nighttime Bible story” in the dark.

No, not complete dark. Have a volunteer hold a flashlight pointed at you as if it were a spotlight. Then tell a Bible story that happened at night. After all, it actually happened in the dark!

There’s something about having the lights off that makes the lesson way more exciting. This especially holds true for a classroom where 99% of the time all of the lights are on. So why not change it up one week and make it good and dark in your classroom?

A side benefit of this idea is that the lights also work to keep the kids quiet. Every teacher knows that turning the lights off is an easy way to get everyone to be quiet. So use the lights to do that, PLUS, tell your story! It’s a win for every teacher and for every kid in your class!


Take the idea a step further and ask kids to come up during your lesson and read a verse from the Bible story, while you hold the flashlight for them!

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