2 Halloween Activities and Small Group Lesson Questions

The other week I posted a Halloween Sunday School lesson. This week I’d like to give you a few activity ideas and some small group questions you could ask as a follow up to the lesson.

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Halloween Group Game: Mummy Wraps

Divide the kids into groups of 3 or 4. Give each group a roll of toilet paper. Each group will pick one member to be the mummy and the other members will be the wrappers. The wrappers will work together to wrap up the mummy in toilet paper. The first group to completely empty their toilet paper roll and completely wrap up their mummy wins. All of the toilet paper must be on the mummy!

If time allows, unwrap the mummy and let another child have a turn being wrapped up or have a contest to see who can create the mummy that looks the most realistic. Encourage them to practice their mummy walks and noises. Make sure to drive home the point that while it’s fun to pretend to be a mummy, mummies cannot come back to life. Only God creates life.


Halloween Small Group Activity: Real or Not Real

In our story Ezekiel saw God bring an army of bones back to life and our students learned that only God can create life. Work together in small groups to come up with as many Halloween costume ideas as possible. Try to stick with kid-friendly costume ideas, nothing scary. Write each idea on a post it note.

Once you have several ideas written down, have the students sort the post-it note into two groups: real and not-real. For example, Football players and cats would go into the ‘real’ category and dragons and mummies would go into the ‘not-real’ category.

Talk about the difference between things that are real and not real. If anything is living then it was created by God. God is the only one who can create life.

Debrief Questions:

1)    Who creates life? (God)

2)    How does it feel knowing that God created everything that is living and scary creatures like monsters and mummies aren’t real? (Various answers, It makes me feel happy and safe because God creates good things.)


Halloween Lesson Small Group Questions

What is a prophet? (A person who God uses to share an important message with his people.)

What is a vision? (A dream that tells what will happen in the future.)

Where did God take Ezekiel? (He took him to a valley filled with dry bones.)

What did Ezekiel ask God? (Son of Man, Can these bones live?)

How did God make the bones come back to life? (He made tendons and skin appear on the bones and then sent wind to give them breath.)

What did the vision mean? (It meant that Israel would be restored and given new life.)

Who can create life? (Only God.)

How can you be saved from your sins and given new life? (By trusting God and making Him the Savior of your life.)

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