Sunday School Classroom Games Make Everything Way More Fun

I love thinking up fun ways to introduce a Sunday School lesson. Sometimes it can be a game, sometimes it can be a magic trick, and sometimes it can be a few jokes.

For one of my recent lessons I created a simple game called, “What Do You Think?”


The idea was to get kids thinking about what they would do in a given situation.

In order to pull something like this off , you can’t just tell your class in a monotone voice, “let’s play a game called, ‘What Do You Think?’”

No, you have to bring some energy to it, because otherwise the game will be dead on arrival.

To introduce a spontaneous classroom game, do things like:

• Have the kids repeat the name of the game back to you (ever heard the crowd on TV say “Wheel of Fortune!” ? … yeah, that idea)

• Play some music (like this) while you play the game. Music has an amazing ability to create a fun mood.

• And if you are more inclined towards something like Jeopardy, use this.

• Tell the kids you are going to need a volunteer the play the game (works every time! 🙂

About My Game

My game of “What Do You Think?” is simply played like this: describe a situation that a kid might find themselves in and ask “What Do You Think?” The kids can answer with whatever pops into their head.

Situations might be:

– You are walking down the street and you see someone wearing a football jersey

– You are in the grocery store and you see someone buying drinks pizza chips ranch dressing and balloons.

– You are driving with your parents on the highway and you see a pickup truck with huge tires on it.

I used these particular situations in a story to introduce the idea that we associate people with certain things just by looking at them. (aka: the guy wearing the football jersey must like football)

It’s a very simple game concept, but if you’ve never tried something like this before you will be amazed at how well it works. Add a little music and a teacher who brings some energy to the game and you’ve got a GREAT way to introduce a lesson!

So the next time you are teaching, find a way to play a little game at the beginning of your story. It’ll mix things up for your kids and grab everyone’s attention! (even the boys who NEVER pay attention)


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