How to Grab Sunday School Kids Attention (and Keep It!) LIVE

What a crazy week this is. I mean first of all, everyone in America is voting today, and regardless of what decision you make can we all just agree that we are SO HAPPY it’s over?! I mean….so glad!

One of the big ballot issues in San Diego (where I live) is whether the city agrees to pay for a new San Diego Chargers football stadium. I could care less whether they stay or go, my chief concern is that a decision is made. It seems like every couple weeks people are talking about how the Chargers are staying in town, only to change their tune a few weeks later when they are CONVINCED that the Chargers are bolting for Los Angeles. (see what I did there…BOLTing…get it?)

And Now, this…

Anyway, I’m hosting a FREE live training this Thursday (November 10 at 10am EST) called “How to Grab Sunday School Kids Attention and Keep It!”. It’s a free online event designed to give you some tricks and tips for keeping your class (specifically the boys) interested in what’s going on.

You don’t have to do anything at the training besides watch. There are no tough questions, no one is getting called out of the audience, and there is no requirement to buy or do anything. It’s totally free…and available to you.

If you are interested sign up here to register yourself.






And finally…

I’d love to know your thoughts on how I can serve you better.

I’ve created a short 30-second survey that contains a few multiple choice questions. It’s super simple, super quick, and I would be thrilled if you’d take a few seconds to complete the survey.


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