FUN is not an f-word

I’m ‘bout to drop a marketing principle on you. Ready?

“You are not your audience.”

Some of you can stop reading know because you know where I’m going with this. Good…peace out!

The rest of you, listen up!

First of all, everyone probably knows who “You” is in “YOU are not your audience.’

That would be…you…the person reading this post.

Shockingly profound I know..

When I say “not your audience” I mean that you are not LIKE your audience.

Another way to say that is, you do not have the same LIKES as your audience.

There are things that your audience, in this case kids, like, that you don’t.

In order to reach them, you might have to do things……that you don’t like. I’m not talking about telling everyone to be wild banshees for an hour, but you might have to have a little more FUN than you are comfortable with.

Your audience is a group of kids.

And how have these kids learned most of what they know in their life?

From PLAY.

Since the day they were born they have discovered and understood their world via play.

And that doesn’t vanish when they hit Kindergarden. Kids still enjoy learning most, while playing.

I’m not suggesting you make your classroom an hour of games and recess, but I am saying that your story cannot be a 15 minute lecture on the Bible.

You’ll lose your class during the first 3 minutes. (certainly all the boys)

You HAVE TO HAVE TO HAVE TO find ways to inject fun into many various parts of your lesson plan, and your story.

This is the way kids are reached.

Kids learn while playing games. Kids learn while laughing. Kids learn while acting. Kids learn while jumping and moving.

Perhaps at this point you are starting to feel this is all fairly obvious information.

And…it might be.

But it is SO easy to forget. As adults, we often forget what it’s like to learn while we play. After all, we’ve spent the majority of our years sitting and soaking up knowledge.

Remember, the kids you teach don’t have the life experience you have. Yes, they need to get better at sitting still and listening, but if there isn’t a lot of fun involved, you’ll end up doing a better job of keeping them still, than of reaching them with the Gospel.

Fun….is NOT an f word.

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