Why BetterBibleTeachers exists

I’m the one on the left. Nolan isn’t able to type yet.

Hi, I’m Nathan Johnson and I am a lot like you.

I LOVE teaching kids about God’s Word. I regularly teach elementary Sunday School at a Baptist church in San Diego, CA and I love it.

But I’m also disappointed.

I constantly see kids in Sunday School who should be listening to the lesson but instead are squirming in their seats and goofing off with the kids around them.

And that’s discouraging to me because it happens on a regular basis, with lots of different teachers.

At church, we are presenting the most valuable information a kid could ever hear and the material we are using is not doing a good enough job of equipping the teacher to be engaging.

What a shame!

So I decided to do something about it.

I decided to write lessons that I thought would be interesting to the kids.

I still wanted the life-changing truth of God’s Word presented, but I wanted it to sound fun.

I wanted to tell jokes during the lesson.

Sometimes I wanted to reference Taylor Swift, or the Disney Channel, or sports.

Stuff that kids (and even some adults) LOVE.

I wanted kids to never be able to anticipate what was about to come out of the teacher’s mouth!

Because I believe it’s these kinds of elements that transform a boring lesson into a great one.

Changing the Bible story isn’t an option. Presenting it in an interesting way is what I am all about.

This is why BetterBibleTeachers.com exists. To teach the Bible to kids, in crazy interesting ways.

You down?

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