Salvation for Kids – A Script to follow for Sunday School Teachers or anyone who is talking to a superhero loving child

Who is your favorite super hero?

Yes, those are some great examples! Personally, I like Superman, because he can fly. You know, all the super heroes you guys mentioned look very different from each other and have different types of powers, but they all have one thing in common— they all save people!

Now, I have another question for you. Are those super heroes you see in movies and on your notebooks and lunch boxes real?

Right, they’re not real at all. But I know of someone who actually has REAL superpowers. Bet you can’t tell me who it is.

God has more superpowers than Superman, Batman, and Spiderman and a zillion other superheroes combined. In fact, Psalm 33:9 tells us that God simply spoke, and the universe appeared! Genesis 1:3 says that God just called out “Let there be light!” and, BOOM, there was light! Bet you can’t do that. I know I’m too lazy even to get out of bed and turn on the light in the morning, so it sure would be nice to just speak and make things happen.

Anyway, God is super powerful, and he created you and me. Unfortunately for us, though, there’s something we need God to save us from. That something is SIN. Do any of you know what sin is?

That’s right. Sin is anything we think, say, or do that breaks God’s rules. For example, some of God’s rules are written in the book of Exodus. They’re called the 10 commandments. Have any of you heard of them? Who can tell me one?

Yeah, so one of the rules is lying. That means if you lie, even once, you’ve broken a rule, and you’re a sinner. James 2:10 says, “For whoever keeps the whole law and yet stumbles at just one point is guilty of breaking all of it.” (NIV) Let’s talk about some other examples of sin (let children give more examples of bad things).

The Bible says in Romans 3:23 that ALL of us are sinners. “For all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God.” (NIV). Yep, even me. Even you. Even the pastor of our church! And Romans 6:23 says that we all deserve DEATH as punishment for being sinners! “For the wages of sin is death.” (NIV) Uh oh— now we have a big problem, just like those people in danger in the super hero movies. DEATH means not being able to go to heaven with God when you die, because heaven is a perfect place; God can’t allow sin in there! Would you want to go to heaven if there were bad things happening in it? I wouldn’t either!

That is just awful. It means you can’t go to heaven with sin in your heart. But, since God is better than a super hero, he did something to save us. He sent his son JESUS to die for us. Jesus was put on a cross and suffered a horrible death, so that sinners like you and me could be forgiven and go to heaven. It’s a gift, like it says in the last part of Romans 6:23. “But the free gift of God is eternal life in Christ Jesus our Lord.” (NASB). So Jesus took the punishment that WE deserve for all the bad things we do. That’s like when a person is held as a prisoner by one of the evil guys, and the superhero comes along and says, “Hey you! Take me instead!”

So what do the people that are in danger have to do to get a super hero to save them? Who can tell me?

Yes, they have to call out the super hero’s name. That is exactly what we have to do to ask God to save us. We have to call on his name, like it says here in Romans 10:13. “Everyone who calls on the name of the Lord will be saved.” (NIV). We have to tell him about our problem, just like the people that have problems do to the superheroes who rescue them. If you’ve never done it before, you need to pray (which means that you talk to God) and tell him that you’re a sinner and that you want him to forgive you and save you.

You already know he has a gift for you, but you have to ask him for it. You wouldn’t leave a Christmas gift unopened under the tree all year, would you? So go ahead and ask God for that gift. Ask him to be your super hero and save you, by praying something like this:


Dear God, I know I’m a sinner. I can’t do anything to save myself and I know I deserve to be punished. Thank you for sending your son Jesus to die and take my punishment. I believe that you’re the only one who can save me. Please forgive me, God, and give me that gift of being in heaven with you.


Hey guys, if you sincerely made the decision to call out to God and ask him to save you, you’ve got salvation! That means that when you die, you’ll get to be in heaven with God. He won’t punish you for your sins because Jesus offered to take your place, and you’ve accepted. You only need to do it once. You’ve been saved by the greatest superhero ever!


For more on this, check out this idea of explaining sin using the Tabernacle from the book of Exodus

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