Angels Announce Jesus Birth to the Shepherds – Children’s Church Activity

The following is from part 4 of the Christmas Story from my Christmas curriculum for children’s church called Christmas Chaos.

The story of the angels announcement to the shepherds is an aspect of the Christmas story that should blow us away (one of many, actually). God chose shepherds to be some of the very first people to hear of the new king’s birth. Some of the lowest people in all of society, whose testimony in a court of law wasn’t even always considered, were chosen to carry the news that the Savior had been born!

And boy were they excited to go find the baby!!

As you teach this part of the Christmas story, here’s a fun, and simple game to get the kids thinking of shepherds and sheep, while still having loads of fun!

The Children’s Church Christmas Activity:

Objects Needed: ping pong balls, empty fish bowl (or other similar glass container), cotton balls, table

Players at one end of the table bounce ping pong balls (the Shepherds) toward an empty fish bowl (Bethlehem) at the other end of the table.

Players at the end of the table near the fish bowl, throw cotton balls at the bouncing ping pong balls in an attempt to keep them out of the fish bowl. The players throwing the cotton balls aren’t allowed to touch the ping pong balls with their hands.

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