Fun classrooms mean ferocious learning is taking place!

Recently I was reminded of the power of having fun with kids during Sunday School.

The most important part of leading and teaching a Sunday school class is the presentation of God’s Word. If the kids don’t learn about the God of the universe then everything else we do on Sunday morning is pointless.

But let’s also purpose in our hearts to have a really, really good time. When kids have fun they learn more and they remember what they learned for a lot longer as well.

I will admit that I am naturally bent toward the “fun” side of teaching. I enjoy things that are spontaneous and funny and I rarely learn best sitting and soaking over long periods of time.

3 hour classes in college felt like sticking a sharp needle through my eyeball slowly and repeatedly. It’s about one of the worst things I can imagine.


Recently, I was talking to a few middle schoolers who I had taught many many years before in Sunday School.

And I felt really old!

But that’s beside the point.

What they told me both blessed me and inspired me to keep on keeping on.

They told me how much they remembered about the class, and how they loved learning about God’s Word. Their parents even chimed in to say how much they had soaked up from my time with them.

This is not about me being an amazing teacher, because I am sure that I am not.

What this is about is that kids are left with an indelible mark when you combine God’s word and fun.

It’s like making memories. You don’t make them in the routine and predictability of everyday life. Memories are only made when you step outside of what’s normal, whether that is good or bad.

The same thing goes with teaching Sunday School. If it’s the usual and predictable stuff you will get the usual and predictable results that unfortunately many people are used to.

But I believe if you want to leave your classroom every Sunday with kids who know more about God than ever before then you must combine good teaching with a fantastic and fun environment.

Fun is kid language. Learn to speak it fluently and reach more kids than ever before!

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