How to Generate Great Ideas Whenever You Need Them

There is a technique that is often overlooked, but if it was put it into practice it has the potential to dramatically improve, well…our entire lives.

Have you ever considered the idea of stopping? No, not stopping long enough to look at your phone or even to have a nice dinner, but stopping for hours and hours on end to think.

When was the last time you spent some on purpose time just thinking? Not thinking about what’s for dinner on the drive home and not thinking about the myriad of problems you have to deal with while you sit in yet another meeting, but rather spending time thinking in a place you love about ideas for the future?

One of the books I’ve been reading recently is called An Enemy Called Average. One of the ideas in that book is to stop for a while and go to a quiet secluded place that you love. Something like a beautiful scenic outlook in nature somewhere or a quiet spot in the city where your mind can just wonder.

Here’s what the author says:

“Sometimes the most important thing we can do is get away to a peaceful, God-filled spot.

This is one of the most powerful concepts I have incorporated into my life.

When we draw away for a time, we can see and hear much more clearly about how to go ahead. Jesus did this many times during His earthly life, especially just before major decisions. The Bible says “In quietness and confidence shall be your strength.” (Isaiah 30:15)

Silence is an environment in which great ideas are birthed”



Everyone’s world is so busy and a full that we rarely have time to do one of the most productive things could ever spend their time. Stopping on purpose long enough to think deeply might just be the greatest way imaginable to move your teaching and perhaps your entire ministry to the next level.

I suggest picking one, or at most two topics to contemplate while in your quiet spot. The purpose of keeping the topic list small is to have something productive to ponder but at the same time not allow yourself to make yet another to-do list.

Many of us are good at listing our responsibilities and tasks. But this time is not about making sure you have all your bases covered. This time it’s about strategically thinking about what the future might look like and how the skills God has given you can be used for even greater impact!

Perhaps you’re still a little bit skeptical. So think of it this way. When is the last time you knew somebody to actually do this? When is the last time you heard of someone taking time to consider future opportunities and strategies?

This is not the norm for most people. Most people run at the rabid pace of life rarely stopping to take much more than a breath.

And yet we all wonder why the same ideas are rehashed and why we can’t think of creative new ways to reach kids with God’s Word.

Creativity and ideas don’t happen in the crazy business of life. They most often happen in the quiet moments, in the ‘margins’ of life.

So give yourself a chance to break away from the way most people do life. Dedicate a few hours to stop and think and consider your next steps and what God might be doing in your life.

At worst you’ll feel refreshed from the downtime, at most you’ll experience life changing results.

My hunch is the latter is highly likely.

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