Awesome Sunday School Lessons for Kids

Sunday School lessons for kids aren’t that hard to find.

But, good lessons for kids are really hard to find.

And this is the precise reason BetterBibleTeachers exists…to produce Sunday School lessons for kids that are ANYTHING but lame.

If you’ve been teaching for a while, you know how important it is to get kids excited about Sunday School.

We want them to love God’s Word, not think that it’s the most boring book on the planet. Injecting fun into Sunday School always starts with a solid, exciting lesson, so…teachers everywhere rejoice! We’re all about helping you become the best Sunday School teacher you can be, so we’ve made some incredibly FUN Sunday School material lessons to you for FREE.

Below you’ll find a list of all the free Sunday School Lessons (and object lessons!) currently available from BetterBibleTeachers. We’re constantly making updates to our collection! All lessons are designed for teaching elementary age kids (1st-5th grade) and are sorted by category. Just click on the title of each one to see the full length lesson.

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Old Testament Sunday School Lessons for Kids


Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden Sunday School Lesson

Kids tend to check out on this story quickly because most of them have heard it a zillion times. Spice it up by making it more relatable, and add a rope magic trick to demonstrate how sin severs our relationship with God. The trick really illustrates the impact of what happened in the Garden of Eden and how it effects each one of us. You’ll find a video that shows you how to perform it at the bottom of the lesson.


9 Plagues of Egypt Sunday School Lesson

The plagues of Egypt were not only gross and terrifying, but they were actually a challenge to the fake gods of Egypt by the real God of the universe. Each one of the plagues directly targeted one or many of the Egyptians gods that everyone worshipped. The plagues were an epic battle between the real God and the made-up ones in Egypt. And the contest wasn’t even close!


Moses Crosses the Red Sea Kids Sunday School Lesson

Don’t let this popular story go dry like the Red Sea. Kids may have heard it a million times, but you can help kids get a new perspective on it by helping them understand how God was directing the children of Israel into what seemed like a dead end. You’ll also explain the significance of the blood on the doorpost, something that your average lesson would normally skip over.


Moses Sunday School Lesson—Bitter Water to Sweet, Manna from Heaven, and Water from a Rock

Teach kids about trust in a unique way with this lesson about how God provided for the children of Israel while they wandered in the desert. Start the lesson off with an attention-grabbing joke, then segue into the tale of thousands of people trying to survive in the desert. We often bash the Israelites for complaining, but what they went through was a real test of faith. Ask the kids what they would do if they were wandering in the desert with no food or water?


The Feast of Unleavened Bread Sunday School Lesson

The feast of unleavened bread? Um, what’s that? That might be your kids’ reaction when you tell them that’s what today’s lesson is all about. Sadly, unleavened bread isn’t up there with Noah’s Ark and Jonah on the “Most Bible Popular Story” list. But that doesn’t mean kids can’t learn something from it! Use actual dough to describe how “sin puffs up”, and make this one of the most memorable lessons your kids have ever heard.


Sunday School Lesson on the Tabernacle in Exodus— How to Explain the Invisible to Kids (Exodus 25:8)

The Tabernacle isn’t one of the easiest things to make relevant to kids, but this lesson will help you explain the idea that the tabernacle still exists today. 1 Corinthians 6:9 says that we are miniature “temples”. In case you’re thinking that describing tabernacles to kids sounds like boring material, don’t worry— we’ve jazzed this lesson up with some superhero illustrations. That’s right—superheroes! (Perfect for grabbing the attention of fidgety 5th grade boys…)


12 Spies in the Promised Land Sunday School Lesson

This lesson picks up where the Israelites have just been freed from slavery and have crossed over the Red Sea. Two million people followed Moses into the desert without a clue as to where they were going and when they would get there— and what they would eat on the way. After following God’s “cloud GPS” for a while and munching on manna and quail, 12 spies are sent out to survey the land that God has promised to give them. Bring the story to life by having some kids act out the part of the spies!


Walls of Jericho Lesson

Joshua meets a mysterious sword-wielding guy who turns out to be the Commander of the Armies of Heaven. The people of the city of Jericho are biting their nails and boarding up their windows, knowing that the God of the Israelites allowed them to cross the Red Sea on dry land, so they must be tough to beat!

Joshua and his army are headed to Jericho, and the stage for an epic battle is set— but they’re not going to fight the normal way.

This story will teach kids that having faith in God is all about obeying even when you have no clue what God is really planning.


Joshua and the Battle of Jericho Sunday School Lesson

What does the word “faith” really mean? In this lesson, Joshua crosses a river without a boat, and takes over a city without drawing his sword! How did he do it? By obeying God, of course. But it wasn’t so easy to trust God…even though he left a “secret code”. Find out what that “secret code” was, and get your students intrigued with this Joshua Sunday School Lesson.


Joshua Crosses the Jordan River Lesson for Elementary Sunday School Kids

This lesson is all about choices. Present your students with an easy choice to make in the introduction, before you tell them about the difficult choices that Joshua and his people faced long ago. This lesson covers Joshua’s story from the 12 spies sent out to the crossing of the Jordan River. And…you’ll find an excellent object lesson on trust and faith at the end!


Gideon Sunday School Lesson

Everyone gets to be part of the story with this interactive lesson! Use a sheet, battery-operated candles, and some paper bags to immerse the kids in Gideon’s tale. They’ll learn that they can do anything with God. If God is with us, we don’t need to be afraid or discouraged, because nothing is bigger than God!


Hannah and Samuel Sunday School Lesson

This might be a good one for Mother’s Day (or any time of the year!) Use some slides and a few crazy illustrations to make the story of Samuel’s birth come alive for your kids. The story covers everything from Hannah praying (and someone mistaking her for being drunk!) to Samuel being called by God as a young boy. Kids will discover that God is Almighty, and is always in control.


Esther Becomes Queen Sunday School Lesson

This lesson about “superwoman” Esther is packed with some cool extras! Along with the lesson, you’ll find an opening activity and some games, along with group worship suggestions. There’s even a video about an unlikely olympic champion. What does Esther have to do with the Olympics? Read this lesson and find out!


Daniel and the Lion’s Den Sunday School Lesson

“I already know that story.” “Yeah, yeah…Daniel in the lion’s den. They taught us that one last year.” If you’ve ever heard kids say those kinds of things when you mention the Bible story you’re going to teach, it’s probably time to spruce up your material. Here’s our take on Daniel’s story, complete with an interactive opening activity, some humor, and candy (who doesn’t love candy?)


New Testament Sunday School Lessons for Kids


Jesus Calms the Storm Sunday School Lesson

This lesson includes some storm trivia and an origami boat object lesson. Don’t worry, there’s a video to show you exactly how to fold the origami boat! Describe how Jesus and his friends were in the worst possible place they could be during a storm— a boat. Luckily, God is more powerful than we can imagine. He calmed that storm, just like He calms the storms of our lives.


Jesus and Nicodemus Lesson Script for Elementary Sunday School

A shadowy figure skittered and dashed through the alleyways at night, hoping that no one would see him. He was on a secretive mission! Who was he?

None other than Nicodemus, the guy who wanted to talk to Jesus without anyone knowing about it. I mean, he had a reputation to maintain with the cool religious dudes! Use this engaging lesson to present the Gospel and teach kids what “being born again” really means.


Jesus Calls Peter Story / The Miraculous Catch of Fish

Here’s a lesson about Peter, complete with some silly fishing jokes to liven the mood. The story covers Peter and Andrew’s fish-loving ways, in the days before they met Jesus. Since they were fishermen by trade, they knew all about how to get a good catch. But one day, they just weren’t having any luck. That’s when Jesus turned up, and turned their lives upside down!


Jesus Is Invincible – The Book of Revelation – Sunday School Lesson

The Book of Revelation? Now that’s a tough one to tackle with kids.

This lesson will get you started. By the time you’re done, kids will have learned that Jesus is invincible, and you’ll feel like an invincible teacher for having taught from Revelation in an understandable way! Includes a cool science experiment to illustrate invincibility.


Spiritual Warfare Lesson – The Helmet of Salvation

Spiritual Warfare is always a fun topic to teach in Sunday School. But often times the fun stops as soon as the kids know what the piece of armor is called.

Not anymore! Check this lesson out for some fun ideas on how to talk about the Helmet of Salvation.


Holiday Lessons


Palm Sunday School Lesson For Youth

On Palm Sunday, we celebrate Jesus’ triumphal entry into Jerusalem and we then talk about His road to the cross that Friday. You can teach this lesson one week before Easter. It includes Jesus’ Triumphal Entry into Jerusalem, The Last Passover Meal, Judas’s betrayal of Jesus, and Jesus’ Crucifixion. This is a great time to invite kids who haven’t accepted Jesus’ gift of salvation to do so.


Resurrection Elementary Sunday School Lesson for Easter Sunday

It’s the most wonderful day of the year! Without Jesus’ resurrection, our faith would be in vain. Get kids excited about it with this lesson, which is designed to be taught the weekend after Palm Sunday. It’s definitely a serious topic, but one so joyful that we just had to include a bit of silliness here and there. Also included is a resurrection Sunday game!


Jesus’ Resurrection Sunday School Lesson for Easter Sunday

Two lessons are better than one! Here’s an alternate Easter Sunday lesson. It emphasizes the importance of Jesus’s resurrection in a time when most people think that Easter is all about bunnies and eggs. It’s a great way to teach kids that when we put our trust in Jesus, we are putting our trust in someone who conquered death.



Halloween Sunday School Lesson for Elementary Kids

This Halloween lesson isn’t what you might expect it to be. It’s all about a Mexican holiday called “Day of the Dead” and how we too, as Christians, have a “Day of the Dead”. However, we don’t exactly celebrate death— but rather life. Jesus died, but came back to life, and conquered death FOREVER! Now that’s worth celebrating!


Halloween Sunday School Lesson – Ezekiel and the Dry Bones

Ezekiel and the dry bones— another Bible story that’s not so high up on the average teacher’s priority list. So when you announce that you’re going to be teaching that on Sunday, you’ll have the kids intrigued—especially since it has to do with bones! It’s all about Ezekiel’s encounter with God and how God is the Creator of life. It emphasizes the fact that God wants to free kids from sin and give them spiritual life!





Thanksgiving Sunday School Lesson and Thanksgiving Activity

Ten lepers were healed, but only ONE thanked Jesus. Help kids learn how to show God that they are thankful, and what being thankful really means. They’ll see that thanksgiving is an attitude to live by YEAR ROUND, and not just something to talk about on one day in November, when most people celebrate by watching a parade on TV and chowing down on turkey. Includes an awesome activity involving water balloons!



Anna and Simeon Meet Jesus Sunday School Lesson

This is one part of the “Christmas Story” that people don’t often tell. It’s the tale of two regular, normal, elderly people who were blessed by God in a special way. Kids will learn about the mysterious “silent years”, in which God was quiet. They’ll see what a huge deal Jesus’s arrival on earth truly was. Includes a cool object lesson about faith at the end!


Christmas Story Lesson – The Angel’s Announcement

Before Jesus was born, an angel told Mary something that really rocked her world. Yeah, things turned out ok, but everyone in Mary’s family, plus Joseph and other people around town, were truly shocked when they found out that Mary was pregnant! And…not in a good way. Everything seemed like a huge mess, but God knew what He was doing.


Christmas Story Lesson – The Wise Men

There are songs about them, picture books featuring them, and they appear in nearly every nativity scene you can buy. But who were the wise men, exactly? Were they wand-wielding sorcerers, like something out of a Harry Potter Book? Or maybe fortune tellers? Let kids in on some little-known facts with this lesson, and teach them the importance of giving.


Object Lessons


10 Sunday School Object Lessons (with videos)

No boring object lessons here!

These ones have an element of surprise to make your kids go, “Wow!” They’ll want to come back to church next week!

Walk on eggs, make water “disappear”, and make a ping-pong ball float with a hairdryer. Each object lesson comes with a video so that you’ll know exactly what to do (no more embarrassing “epic fails” in front of the kids).


5 Christmas Sunday School Object Lessons (with videos)

You’ll feel like an incredible teacher after you teach kids the Christmas story with these 5 easy-to-do object lessons.

Blow up a balloon inside a bottle, stab an apple with a straw, and create a magic star. Create a fantastic light show with just a Pringle’s can and a flashlight! Demonstrate how Jesus is the “light of the world” with a simple electricity experiment.


Halloween Object Lesson

Teaching about Halloween? Isn’t that a bad idea

It would be a bad idea NOT to, since we want kids to know that Jesus has conquered death and darkness forever.

With just a pumpkin, some carving tools, and a candle, you can help kids remember the One who is truly worth celebrating.

This is a great lesson for performing around a campfire at night, or indoors with the lights off.


Object Lesson On the Power of Jesus

This one’s the type of object lesson where kids will probably have no idea what you’re going to do.

Start with a simple piece of paper, cut it a certain way, and show kids how the impossible is actually possible with Jesus.

Yes, I said, “a simple piece of paper”— this object lesson is as low-prep as it gets, and yet it still delivers an awesome reaction from the kids.

Check out the video to see exactly how to perform this trick.


Gideon Object Lesson

Demonstrate how God showed Gideon that he could do the impossible with this simple trick. All you need is some paper, tape, and a box of Kleenex (no, those are not for kids that cry over how lame the lesson is— we promise this object lesson’s an awesome one).

Use it along with a lesson (or series of lessons) about Gideon’s story. Click here for a free Gideon Bible Story Lesson.


‘Electrifying’ (Video) Object Lessons on Salvation, Joy, the Holy Spirit and More!

Here are 9 static electricity experiments that you don’t need to be a scientist to perform! SHOW kids what salvation and joy are all about instead of just TELLING them.

Each experiment comes with a video and an explanation for how to use it to teach a certain concept. Worried about budget or time constraints?

These experiments use cheap, everyday objects found around the house, such as thread, styrofoam plates and tin foil.


Faith Object Lesson: How to Explain “Faith” to Sunday School Kids

Forget the predictable “chair” faith object lesson where you perform the spectacular act of…siting down in a chair. Wow. How about something better? Click on the title to find out how to switch things up and add a cool twist to the traditional chair object lesson.

Teach kids how to really have faith by using a blindfold.


Disappearing Water Trick Object Lesson for The Woman at the Well Lesson

Perhaps the story of the woman at the well isn’t the most exciting story to tell the kids. But they’ll definitely remember it after you perform this trick.

They’ll be wondering how in the world you pulled it off! And the best part is…all you need are some plastic cups, slush powder, and some water.

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