Two Spiritual Warfare Object Lessons

This is a quick and fun object lesson from my curriculum series on the Armor of the Believer called Swords and Shields.

Place one of the eggs in the palm of your hand.

The breastplate of righteousness protects us from sin, When there’s pressure all around us to do wrong we know that through Jesus we can stand against sin.

Squeeze the egg by applying even pressure all around the shell. The egg will not break.

Much like this egg, as hard as I squeeze, the egg is protected by it’s shell…so the yolk inside is safe. In the same way our lives are protected by Jesus’ perfect life and death on the cross. He has given us his righteousness so our lives are protected from being destroyed by sin.

Put the other egg in your hand with a ring on one of your fingers.

As you talk, squeeze the egg and watch it break.

Sin is a deadly force and without Jesus’ righteousness, we are doomed…our lives will crumble under the pressure of sin and we will have nothing to protect us.

We have been given protection from sin through Jesus…thank goodness!! Because without this we would be eggg-zactly doomed!

Here’s a video explaining the science part of this object lesson:


And…a really messy Spiritual Warfare Object Lesson

Warning: This object lesson is a bit messy and really should be done outside. So…kids should either put on some clothes they can get a little messy or be ok with getting ketchup and mustard on their clothes!

Objects Needed: Twister game, dawn dishwashing soap, relish, mustard, ketchup

Preparation: Lay out twister board in the playing area.


Today, we’re going to play a game. How many of you guys have ever played Twister?

Well, if you have played Twister, you know that it can get a little…well, twisty! Your body has to move in all sorts of different ways, and sometimes, it’s really hard to hold your balance, right? Well, what if I told you that today we’re going to play a version of Twister… everybody come here and sit around the Twister board. Take off your shoes and socks so you’re ready to play when it’s time.

I want you to think of this Twister board like your heart. It’s nice and clean, for the most part, right? On these circles, we have all of the things you love, and the things that make you, well, you. This Twister board has all of the spaces where it’s supposed to be, and everything looks perfect.

Well, then something happens…. I need a volunteer.

(Pull up your volunteer and hand her the ketchup bottle).

Let’s say you showed up at school, you realized there was a test, and you knew you weren’t prepared. You decided to look on a friend’s paper and copy all of his answers… Well, that’s called sin, and it makes your heart a little messy.

(Instruct the volunteer to pour ketchup on the red circles).

Now I need another volunteer.

(Hand that volunteer the mustard).

Let’s say your parents tell you they want you to clean your room before they get home… but you don’t want to clean your home, you want to play video games. So you either don’t, or you take all your stuff and shove it under your bed, and then you lie and tell your parents that you cleaned your room. That’s also sin, and that makes your heart a little more messy.

(Instruct the volunteer to pour the mustard over the yellow circles).

Then, let’s say your neighbor gets a new bike. And you really, really, really want that bike. You keep thinking about that bike, dreaming about that bike. Suddenly, your bike doesn’t seem good enough. All you can do is think about that bike and how much better your life would be if you had that bike. You start coveting that bike. That also makes your heart a little more messy.

(Have a new volunteer put the relish on the green circles).

Now, let’s say that you’re on the playground, and I come up to you, and I start bullying you. I call you really mean names, and I push you, and I make fun of you. That’s also sin. Even though it’s not sin that you committed, it’s still sin, and it still makes your heart messy

(Pour the blue soap on the blue circles).

So now, your once clean heart is all messy… let’s see how easy it is to stay upright when you’ve got so much mess under your feet.

(Play a game of Twister)

Do you think it was harder, or easier, to stay up when you had all that mess on your feet? It was probably a lot harder, right? Well, that’s what sin is like. It makes our life harder, but it also does something else. Do you know what else it does?

It makes it harder to do the right, clean thing. Once you get a little bit of sin, it starts to get everywhere! Just like when you stepped in the ketchup, the mustard, the relish, or the soap, and then you spread it everywhere. It gets messy, and it causes us to fall down, and it causes other people to fall down, too.

God doesn’t want us to have messy hearts. God wants our hearts to be clean. He wants us to do what’s called “right living”, or to be righteous. But the thing is, we can’t be that way unless someone helps clean us up.

We need God to come into our hearts with his sin hose and spray all the sin and clean us off, just like we need to take a water hose to this Twister board. And once he does that, we need to do our very best to try and keep our hearts as clean as possible. We do that by living righteously and saying no to sin.

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