FREE Christmas Sunday School Lessons, Activities, Songs and more!

Below are 5 free Christmas Sunday School lessons you can download for free!

But before you go a’ scrolling further down the page there is one thing I should mention…

The Christmas story is one of those Bible tales that kids already know REALLY well. It’s right up there with Noah’s Ark and Moses crossing the Red Sea.

And that means that some kids will automatically tune out when you say, “Ok, kids, today we’re going to talk about when Jesus was born!”

They hear about it every. single. year.

A Christmas lesson shouldn’t be a snooze-fest…

And that’s EXACTLY why we’ve got to make the Christmas Sunday School lesson exciting.

It’s the most important thing to ever happen to mankind– Jesus came to save us from the punishment of sin!

So, we need to share that excitement with the kids, by getting creative at Christmas time. 

And with that in mind, here’s your ONE STOP SHOP for all things Christmas.

Looking for a complete Christmas Sunday School lesson? Or several lessons? We’ve got it. Or how about a fantastic Christmas object lesson, or some Christmas songs? We’ve got some ideas for those, too. Check them out below!

And, if you want to share any of your favorite crafts, songs, or tips for an awesome Christmas Sunday School lesson, post them in the comment section below!

Christmas Sunday School Lesson 1: The Angel’s Announcement to Mary

The Angel’s Announcement to Mary (complete lesson script) 

This is the first Christmas Sunday School lesson in the Christmas series.

In this lesson, kids will learn about the angel’s announcement to Mary, and how that event must have completely rocked her world.

At the end, there’s an application for both new kids who need to hear the gospel, and for those who have already accepted Jesus as their Savior.

In addition, here’s an object lesson about “the miracle in Mary’s belly” that goes perfectly with this lesson.

Christmas Sunday School Lesson 2: The Journey to Bethlehem

Get “The Journey to Bethlehem” lesson script here!

Have you ever thought about just how difficult the journey to Bethlehem was for Mary? She had to ride for miles and miles on a donkey– while pregnant and nearly ready to give birth. That just by itself is rough.

But then, she arrives at Bethlehem, ready to (finally!) get some rest, and she doesn’t even get a room or a bed. Worse still, she has to give birth in a place that reeks of animals!

This lesson helps kids understand why this chaotic event was EXACTLY what God had planned– and what His purpose was. 

And, here’s an object lesson using just an apple and a straw to help hold the kids’ attention while you tell the story!

Christmas Sunday School Lesson 3: The Shepherds

Angels Announce Jesus’ Birth lesson script

Can you believe that God actually chose shepherds, of all people, to be the first to receive the news about Jesus’ birth?

It really is strange when you think about it.

And here’s a great way to inspire some “awe” in your students as you tell the story: use a Pringles can and a flashlight to make the room glow with a “heavenly host”!

In addition, after you teach this part of the Christmas story, here’s a fun, and simple game with ping pong balls to get the kids thinking of shepherds and sheep!

Christmas Sunday School Lesson 4: Anna and Simeon Meet Jesus

Anna and Simeon Meet Jesus Sunday School Lesson Script

This part of the Christmas story probably isn’t part of your usual “Christmas Sunday School lesson repertoire, but it should be!

Kids know about the shepherds, and they know about the wise men.

But between the story of the shepherds and the story of the wise men, there is another event that Luke tells us happened about 40 days after Jesus was born.

When Mary and Joseph took young Jesus to the temple at Jerusalem to present him to the Lord (kind of like a baby dedication), a couple of AMAZING things happened.

The faith of these two people, Anna and Simeon, is astounding.

To transfer some of Anna and Simeon’s awe and wonder to your students, here’s a powerful object lesson about faith! 

Christmas Sunday School Lesson 5: The Wise Men Visit Jesus

The Wise Men Visit Jesus Lesson Script

In this lesson, kids will learn about who the “wise men” really were, and why they decided to make the long journey to see Jesus.

It’s got all the fixings of a good story: heroes, villains, and even a “treasure”.

Make this lesson extra-awesome with a magic-trick style object lesson using just toothpicks and water! 


Christmas Opening Activity


Here’s a silly Christmas activity to “break the ice” or introduce your Christmas Sunday School lesson.

It’s called “Guess that Christmas Movie”. You can even try it out yourself first, and see how many you can get right before sharing it with the kids! Here’s the link:

“Guess that Christmas Movie” Sunday School lesson Opening Activity 


Christmas Songs


Christmas songs always seem to be divided into two categories: slow, solemn hymns, and upbeat, peppy “secular” tunes.

Unfortunately, the ones that normally get stuck in kids’ heads are the secular ones, like “Frosty the Snowman”.


Image result for kids choir gif
This girl knows all about the “Christmas spirit”.


Obviously, you’re not going to sing about Frosty in Sunday School, so check out these upbeat, fun Christmas songs to sing at church! 

Upbeat FUN Christmas Songs


1. Joy to the World (Bethel Music Kids)


Here’s an updated, modern version of an old Christmas carol. In their album Christmas Party, Bethel Music Kids has 5 hymns with refreshing new arrangements that will appeal to kids.

2. Born is the King (Hillsong)


I love this relaxed, yet spirited song because it’s easy for kids to sing, and it’s full of Christmas joy!

3. Songs of the Christmas Story (Lifetree Kids)


These are four kid-focused carols with fresh, upbeat musical arrangements. You can download the full version of these songs using the links provided in the video description on YouTube.

4. What Can I Give Him (GodsKidsWorship)


This lively Christmas tune was adapted from the poem “In The Bleak Midwinter” by Christina Rossetti. It’s a great choice for kids to sing as a special number in church. Or, it could simply be a new Christmas song for kids to learn in Sunday School. GodsKids Worship has several upbeat Christmas tunes with lyric videos, and the instrumental backing tracks (without voices) are available on their website.


And, while we’re at it, here are 5 incredible “grown-up” Christmas that I LOVE from YouTube.


Christmas Object Lessons


There’s nothing like an object lesson to spruce up the stories that your kids have heard time and time again.

Even your “know it alls” will sit up and pay attention when you whip out these eye-catching tricks!

Christmas Object Lessons that will make you feel like an INCREDIBLE teacher!

Christmas crafts for Sunday School Lessons

Here’s a showy, “glowy” Christmas Sunday School craft using some t-shirts and glow-in-the-dark fabric paint.

Here are the instructions for the glow-in-the-Dark Christmas craft, plus 3 other awesome Christmas lesson ideas!

More Christmas Crafts

Here are some of my favorite websites to find great Christmas crafts for Sunday School.

25 Christ-Centered Christmas Crafts (Southern Made Simple) 

(I love the edible nativity scene– it makes a great alternative for a gingerbread house!)

Nativity scene craft

Printable Paper Christmas Ornament with the Names of Jesus (

21 Christmas Bible Activities for Kids (

Got any old Christmas cards? Number 5 on the Christmas Craft list in the link above will put them to good use!

Christmas games


Don’t forget to add a fun game or two when teaching about Christmas in Sunday School! I love adding all kinds of games to my Sunday School curriculum, for several reasons:

  • They reinforce the lesson
  • They can help kids review lessons they’ve learned over several weeks
  • They’re great “icebreakers” and openers
  • They give kids a nice “brain break” from lesson time
  • They’re perfect for “fidgety” kids who need to move around
  • They get kids to fellowship with their classmates and have FUN!

So, that being said, here are some Christmas-themed games:

Christmas opening trivia game

“Donkey” Racing Relay Game

Shepherds and Sheep Game

Christmas Tunes Game (See #6 in this post)

Pass the Present

This game is simple and easy– just play music while kids pass around a present that has been wrapped in many, many layers of paper and tape. When the music stops, the kid who is currently holding the present gets to unwrap a layer. Then the music starts again. The kid who unwraps the final layer gets to keep the present!

Christmas Puzzle Race

Print out the same black-and-white coloring page (Christmas themed) on different colors of printer paper. Cut the papers into puzzle pieces, and hide the pieces around the Sunday School room. Divide the students into teams. Assign each team a color. Each team must search for the pieces of their color, and assemble the picture. The first team to finish wins. Play upbeat Christmas music during the game for extra fun!

Christmas Verse Trivia

Divide the kids into teams. Read the first part of a verse from the Christmas Story in the Bible from Luke 1-2 or Matthew 1-2. The first team to find the correct verse, stand up, and continue reading the verse (while you are still reading it) wins. To make the game easier, tell the kids ahead of time that the verses may come from either Luke 1-2 or Matthew 1-2, or any other passage that you choose. (Do not tell them the exact passage).

Spin the Candy Cane

Divide the kids into teams and have them sit at several tables (round if possible). Read questions from previous Christmas lessons. As soon as you finish the question, the team can discuss the answer, decide on the answer, and then spin the candy cane on the table. The person that the candy cane points to must run to the front of the room and tell you the answer to the question (or write it on the board).

Christmas Activities for Sunday School Lessons


You don’t always have to stick to games or crafts to accompany your Christmas Sunday School lessons. Click this link for 10 unique, meaningful Christmas activities that are out-of-the-box, somewhat wacky, and super cool!

Have fun adding these ideas to your Christmas Sunday School lessons! Let us know in the comments below which ones worked for you!

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