Noah’s Ark and the Flood: Sunday School Lesson

Venture back to a world without rain, where a man named Noah received a message from God that many deemed outrageous. Amidst laughter and skepticism, Noah’s faith in God led him on a journey like none other. Delve deep into this Bible story for kids where faith stands tall against doubt and ridicule. Discover the story of an ark, an epic flood, and the promise of a new beginning. Join us and set sail on Noah’s incredible, faith-filled voyage!

Group Worship

You Never Let Go

In this song, kids are reassured that God is always with them, no matter the challenges they face. They’re encouraged to trust and praise God, understanding He will never leave their side, even in the toughest times.


Lyric Video  |  Motions Video

My God is Powerful

In this song, kids learn that God is very strong and always with them, helping them through tough times and keeping them safe.


Lyric & Motions Video

Song 3
Song 5

Group Worship

You Never Let Go

In this song, kids are reassured that God is always with them, no matter the challenges they face. They’re encouraged to trust and praise God, understanding He will never leave their side, even in the toughest times.


Lyric Video  |  Motions Video

Song 3

My God is Powerful

In this song, kids learn that God is very strong and always with them, helping them through tough times and keeping them safe.


Lyric & Motions Video

Song 5

Opening Activity | Directions


You’ll Need:

  1. Big paper for each group
  2. Easel or tape (to hang the paper)
  3. Markers
  4. An adult for each group

How to Play:

  1. Each group gets a secret word on a paper (like ‘boat’ or ‘dog’).
  2. Only the kids know the secret word.
  3. Kids tell the adult how to draw the secret thing without saying what it is.
  4. The adult should follow the kids’ directions exactly! If a kid says “Draw a circle at the top!”, the adult draws it right at the very top.
  5. When done, show the drawings and tell what they were supposed to be.

Tip: The goal is for the kids should try to give really clear instructions!


Follow-up Questions

Was it hard to give directions to someone who didn’t know what was happening?

Was it hard to follow directions when you didn’t know what was happening?

How do you think this activity relates to Noah and God?

In what ways does this activity relate to your relationship with God?


Memory Verse Game

Objects Needed: None

Practice chanting the bible verse a few times. This could be done by writing it down and reading it, popcorn style, or just by reciting it all together a few times.


Write each of the words on a separate index card (or use the ones from the last lesson!) Hide the index cards around the room in various locations.

Students must run around and try to collect all of the index cards as a group. Once they’ve collected them all, they can try to put the bible verses in order.

Follow Up:

Just like you had to put the index cards in order the correct way, God has a correct way of doing things. He has directions. If we don’t listen to his directions, we’re all out of whack, just like the bible verse would be.

** For a twist: write other, random words on index cards for them to collect as well. Tell them there are extraneous words that you have used, for a bigger challenge.

Lesson Script


How many of you guys have ever heard someone make a really, really silly promise or prediction? You know the kind I’m talking about?

Well, listen to this story.

A few years ago, this one guy named Harold….true story.

He got up and he told the entire world that destruction was coming and they were all going to die. He even gave them a date! May 21, 2011 was the end of the world.

People started to believe him. They made t-shirts. They made signs. They took to Twitter and Instagram and Facebook and started telling everyone to get right with God. They went on CNN and FOX News and some people even got married quickly because they didn’t want the world to end before they could!

As the days drew closer, people sat and wondered…. What would happen? Was the world really going to end? The people who believed it would throw more and more money into making sure that everyone knew it. THE WORLD WAS GOING TO END!

Well…. It’s 2016 now, and the world definitely didn’t end! You know what happened on May 21? A whole lot of nothing. A lot of rain. A LOT of rain. People thought he was so crazy, that one guy even tweeted, “Harold called. The Lord is running late. Bad weather.”

Funny joke, right?

Here’s another one. Watch this clip from an awesome movie called Chicken Little.

It’s safe to say both of those guys, well…. They looked kind of ridiculous later, right? The world didn’t end on May 21 as Harold said, and well…. Chicken Little had only felt an acorn hit his head.

There have been a LOT of people who have predicted the world will end one day…. A lot of people who said they knew the time and the place. And none of them have been even remotely right….
…. Well, except one guy.

But in order to talk about this man, we have to go wayyyyyyy back in time. So I want everyone to rewind…. Ready?

(Have kids stand up, make a rewind sound with their mouths, and spin around like a VCR that’s being rewound–not that they really know what that is! You might even have them sit facing a different direction than before to signify we’re in a different time period)

Okay, so who remembers the things God created?

You’re right… Now, does anyone remember what day God created rain?

(Kids may give answers—they’re all wrong unless they say that the Bible doesn’t say he created rain).

Can you believe there was once a day when there was no rain?


That’s right. No rain. No rain at all. People walked outside and they just… Well, it was clear and sunny. All the time.

Then, all of a sudden, something changed…

This old man, who had a history of saying really crazy stuff that never came true, started to tell people that there was going to be water falling from the sky! He told everyone he met! “Hey you, water’s going to fall from the sky!” “Hey mister, the oceans are going to flip upside down and be on your head, you know?”

How ridiculous! But he didn’t stop there…. He took it even further.

“God told me it’s going to rain!” He said loudly, probably yelling at people as they passed by. People who didn’t know who God was. They didn’t believe in God. “It’s going to rain so hard we’re all going to drown! The world is going to end!”

Okay, so this would kind of be like if I told you that mud was going to start falling from the sky, and there would be so much mud that we would all drown in it…. And that a Flying Spaghetti Monster told me that.

How many of you would believe me?

Well, nobody really believed Noah, either. He looked pretty crazy. But nothing is too crazy for God.

So how would you feel if God told you he was going to destroy the whole earth with a lot and a lot and a lot of rain?

Scared? Hopeless? Confused?


Noah was probably all of those things! But, God is good, and God gave Noah a way out.

You see, God told Noah to build this thing called an ‘ark’. A boat. Something that would float on the water. He told Noah when he built it, his entire family and the animals in the world could climb aboard. God told him exactly what kind of wood to use. God told him exactly how big to make it. How wide to make it. How tall to make it. He told him where everything should go. God gave Noah better directions to build the ark than IKEA does to build furniture. God was really on his game!

And even though Noah was laughed at and ridiculed, Noah did what God told him to do. Can you imagine what his life must have been like?

Noah would walk to the store to buy wood. People would laugh at him.
He’d go buy a hammer. People would laugh at him.
He’d start building. People would laugh at him.

They called him names and taunted him, but Noah knew one thing they didn’t know.

God was in control.


And when God was in control, there was always a plan. God’s plans never needed a backup plan, because His plans never failed. The same God that created the entire world had a plan for Noah’s life, a plan to save Noah.

So Noah trusted God.

Now, you might be wondering about all of those other people. Sure, they didn’t believe in God or follow him, and they were sinful, but is that really a reason to flood the whole earth?

It’s kind of like the story of Adam and Eve. Remember what happened when Eve sinned?

She got banished, right?

But we talked last week (see entire series here) about how that wasn’t a punishment from God, that was grace. God was saving her from a life of sin and sorrow.

That’s what God was doing with these people, too. He was saving them from a life of sin and sorrow. He was giving them a chance for a savior.

And Noah? He was giving Noah the chance of a lifetime. To save himself and his family and to repopulate the Earth. To start a new family of God’s children who would follow Him and love Him.

(end lesson by singing “Arky, Arky”)

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The Book of Life - Group Game

Group Game | Obstacle Course

The Book of Life - Group Game

Objects Needed: None

Game Intro

In our lesson today, God told Noah that he needed to build a boat to protect himself. He had to listen to God’s directions to make sure he built the boat correctly.


Game Setup

In a large room, set up an obstacle course by placing random objects on the ground. Have each student pair up, and put a blindfold on one student from each pair (or have them cover their eyes).

The “blind” students must stand on one side of the room, while their partner stands on the opposite side. The objective is to get to their partner without running into any of the objects in their path. The first blind person to be reunited with his/her partner wins.

All students will go at the same time, and all students will be given instructions at the same time. This will create a very muffled direction calling, and the blind students will have to listen very carefully.


Follow-Up Questions:

Was it hard to hear your partner’s voice when everyone else was talking also?
What helped you finish the course? How did you tune out the other voices?
Do you think it was hard for Noah to focus on God when everyone else was telling him he was crazy?

Memory Verse

As we talk about God’s perfect plan for our lives, I want us all to memorize this verse together. This verse, from the Psalms says that those who follow God’s plan (walk in His ways) are blessed.

So in order for us to be blessed with the good things God wants for us we must follow God’s plan! We must walk in His ways!!

Psalm 128:1

"Blessed are all who fear the Lord - who walk in His ways!"

Small Group Questions

Who was the old man who started telling people that it was going to rain?
The old man was Noah.

How did people react when Noah told them about the coming rain?
People thought Noah was crazy and didn’t believe him.

What did Noah say was going to happen with the rain?
Noah said that it was going to rain so hard that they would all drown, and the world would end.

How did Noah prepare for the coming rain?
God instructed Noah to build an ark, a boat that could float on the water. God provided Noah with detailed instructions on how to build it.

How did people treat Noah while he was building the ark?
People laughed at Noah, called him names, and made fun of him.

Why did God want to flood the earth with rain?
God wanted to save the people from a life of sin and sorrow and give them a chance for a savior. He was also giving Noah a chance to save himself, and his family, and to repopulate the Earth with God’s faithful children.

How did Noah react to God’s plan?
Noah trusted God and obeyed His instructions, even when others didn’t believe or mock him.

What important lesson can we learn from Noah’s story?
We can learn that God’s plans are always perfect, and even when things seem impossible or others doubt us, we should trust in God and follow His instructions.

Small Group Activity | Ark Promises

Ark Paper Plate

Objects Needed: None


Cut paper plates in half. You should have enough for each child to have one piece.

Print out the promises sheet so each group has at least one.



Have kids paint one side brown (or color with a crayon) to make the “ark”. Then, give them 3-5 small strips of paper (or popsicle sticks). Have them write down 3-5 promises God has made to His people that they particularly like. Paperclip them to the ark. Make sure children write their names on the other side of the plate so you know whose is whose.

(Keep the arks for next week. You will use them for the next lesson as well).



Follow-up Questions

How does the ark remind you that God has a plan for you?

Do you think God keeps His promises?

Which one of God’s promises impacts you? Why?

Ark Paper Plate

Words For This Week

Today’s Scripture: Genesis 6

Memory Verse: Blessed are those who fear the Lord — walk in His ways! Psalm 128:1 (NLT)


Today, we talked about a big, big problem. The world was so sinful, and nobody believed in God…. Well, nobody except one person. Noah. And Noah’s family.

God decided that it would be best for everyone if they didn’t have to live in a sinful world, so God told Noah he was going to send a lot of rain to wash all of the sins away…. Which was great and all, except Noah, didn’t even know what rain was! Imagine God trying to explain to Noah that rain was water that fell from the sky!

Not only that, God was going to send a lot of rain. Way too much rain. But he wanted Noah to stay on earth, so God gave Noah very specific instructions. He told Noah exactly how he wanted Noah to build a boat. Noah had to listen really, really carefully.

You see, God had a plan for Noah. He had a plan for the boat. He knew Noah could do it if he gave Him the plan… but even though God gave him the plan for the boat, God didn’t tell Noah all of His plans. He didn’t tell Noah everything that he had planned for his life.

God looks out for his children. He has a plan for us. Sometimes, He tells us exactly what his plan is, and other times, we have to just kind of wing it, and listen to him for guidance. But God’s plan is never to hurt us. God’s plan is always to love us and to bring us good things. God’s plan is always to rescue us from the things that are hurting us.

Key Thought:

God’s plan is always the best plan!

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