19 Sunday School Object Lessons [with videos] that you'll cry with happiness over.

And then of course, you will proceed to use every LAST ONE OF THEM because they are SO AWESOME!!!

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All of the Object Lessons At-A-Glance

Instead of scrolling for ages down this entire page, here is a quick rundown of all the good stuff you will find here. Click on any of the images to see the object lesson details. Click here to download the list as an editable document.

Walking on Eggs /
Confidence in God

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Blindfold Trust "Fall" /
What is Faith?

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Step Through Paper /
God's Ways are Not Ours

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Cut & Restored Rope /
Sin & the Savior

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Disgusting Happy Meal /

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Egg Drop /

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Disappearing Water /
God Loves You

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Water Over My Head /
God's Word Protects

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Dark Water Clear /

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Orange Armor /
The Believer's Armor

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Pencils Through Bag /
Trusting God

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Floating Pint Pong Ball /
Our Power Source

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Skewer Through Balloon /
Confidence in God

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Origami Boat /
Jesus is in Control

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Obedient Ketchup /
Immediate Obedience

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Jumping Bean /
God Gives Us Joy!

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Hydrophobic Sand /
God Protects Us

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Dry Paper /
God is Our Hiding Place

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Cabbage Color Change /
Power of Prayer

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The Amazing Object Lessons:


Walking On Eggs | Confidence in God

Yes!!! You can walk on raw eggs if you take just a minute to set it up correctly.

Application: Step out and do your best. Trust God with the rest.

Beware: the first time I did this object lesson I had kids literally crowding the stage so they could watch what was going to happen!! Also...I would practice this at home once or twice to boost your confidence that this does indeed work.

Blinfold Trust "Fall" | What is Faith?

This object lesson is soooo simple AND soooo effective.

Application: Faith is not being able to see, but trusting the One who can.

Not every object lesson has to be a science experiment to be effective. For this all you'll need is a blindfold, a chair, and a brave volunteer.

This is a demonstration of faith your kids will NOT soon forget!


Step Through Paper | God's Ways

What if I told you it was possible to get your whole body through a regular piece of Paper?

Sounds impossible right? Well, it's not. Here is a fantastic object lesson that'll take 2 minutes to learn yourself and provide a forever memory for your class.

Application: God's way is better — let's do things His way!


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Cut & Restored Rope | Sin & the Savior

Here's a fun little magic trick you can do in class. It's nothing you can't master with 5 quick minutes of practice. When I first did this I bought the stuff at Home Depot on a Friday Night and after like 3 attempts I was comfortable with it. Totally worth the short prep time!!

Application: Jesus repairs what sin tears.

Download the "lesson" part of this object lesson here so you can easily apply this to Scripture!


Disgusting Happy Meal | Obedience

So, it's up to you if you actually want to take a drink at the end of this...lol

Application: Obedience Brings Happiness

You will have the kid's attention as soon you pull out the familiar red and yellow box. Then blend that bad boy up and watch them stay glued to you all the way to the end.

Egg Drop | Steadfastness

There's nothing like a raw egg to get your class' attention. This time you are going to stack it on a precarious tower and then let physics help you not make a mess.

Application: Be steadfast and unmovable!


Disappearing Water | God's Love

This is a simple "magic trick" that becomes a FANTASTIC object lesson. You will need one special ingredient (that you can get for cheap on Amazon) but besides that it's simple. You will l-o-v-e this one.

Once you share it in class, tell me how it worked!!

Application: Let God wash away your sin with His living water

Water Over My Head | God's Word Protects from Sin

This object lesson doesn't seem like it should work. But - I can vouch for the fact that it does!

Please, please, please practice this before you do it in class. I had to try it a few times myself to get the hang of it!

Application: God's Word Protects you from Sin's Consequences


Dark Water Clear | Salvation

I did this during VBS and the no matter the grade level, from 1st to 5th - they loved this object lesson.

Remind your kids of the power of God's gift to us, and what accepting His gift can do for our hearts.

Application: Jesus died to rescue me from my sin!

What does it mean to FOLLOW Jesus?
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Orange Armor | Believer's Armor

This is an easy one!

All you need is a container of water and two oranges. Peel one of them and leave the other just like you bought it.

Super duper simple.

Application: Put on the armor of God!


Pencils Through Bag | Trusting God

Trusting God, and actually acting on what He has promised can be difficult sometimes.

This object lesson illustrates trust beautifully - and it isn't too complicated to pull off either!

Application: When life pokes holes in our plans, God helps us hold it together.

Floating Ping-Pong Ball | Our Power Source

As much as the ping pong ball wants to stay in the air - and even as much as we try to help it, by blowing on it or throwing it up in the air - it won't stay there.

We need some Holy Spirit power! (aka: the blow dryer!)

Application: Use the power within you: the Holy Spirit!


Skewer Through Balloon | Confidence in God

Sometimes God asks us to obey Him, even when it seems like what He asks us to do isn't easy, or even makes sense.

Application: What is impossible with man is possible with God!

Origami Boat | Jesus is in Control

I'm not usually the "let me fold some paper to make an object lesson" guy. I typically like explosions or other dramatic elements involved in an object lesson 🙂

But give this one a try...I think (like me) you'll like it after you see it!

Application: We may not know the future, but we can trust the One who does.


Obedient Ketchup Packet | Immediate Obedience

Here's a fun "magic trick" for talking about obedience. It seems like a magic trick at first, but is really just a simple demonstration of...physics?

Application: Obey right away, there's no other way!

Ridiculously Interesting Elementary Sunday School Curriculum

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Jumping Bean | God Gives us Joy

Wrap a marble in foil and shake vigorously. This is a super fun, and frankly - kinda different object lesson.

Application: When we have Jesus, we have joy.


Hydrophobic Sand | God Protects Us

You'll probably need to buy sand and the water repellent spray for this one - but after the sand dries it will be worth the wait!

Note: I would bring "regular sand" into class to compare the difference. It makes the effect even more dramatic when only one cup of sand is wet.

Application: Don't be afraid. God will be there and protect you.

Dry Paper | God is Our Hiding Place

Object lessons with water are just plain fun. This one is pretty simple, and you likely won't need to buy anything at the store. (The best kind of object lesson, am I right?!!)

Application: God is our hiding place, He shields us from trouble.


Cabbage Color Change | Power of Prayer

This one is great to do at the beginning of class and then monitor it as the effect takes shape.

Note: Fresh Chinese cabbage works best!

Application: The true power of prayer isn't what is outside us, but inside us.

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