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How to make your lessons crazy interesting with being a crazy person!

Training topics include:

Fresh Sunday School Lesson ideas

Ideas to Mix Up Your Normal Routine

New Object Lessons!


“I am using your curriculum for the first time this year, and the kids love it! Keep doing what you are doing!”
– Amy L, BetterBibleTeachers Member


“Crazy Fun” Elementary Sunday School Curriculum

The proven, print-and-teach lesson materials you can use to keep kids crazy interested, save you hours hunting for ideas, and get back to enjoying your Saturday nights!


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Hey there! I’m Nathan Johnson. I am an elementary Sunday School teacher in San Diego, California and I write crazy interesting curriculum for 2nd – 4th grade kids. (especially for the boys!)

After almost 15 years of teaching a variety of Sunday School curriculums I decided I needed something better. The materials I was using were ok, but I found myself constantly doing a ‘song and dance’ each week trying to keep the kids interested.

Worse than that, if the kids knew the story really well before I told it, I felt DOOMED to an hour of well, chaos, because I knew they weren’t going to pay attention.

Now, every time I teach I find even the boys paying attention to stories they’ve already heard; and it’s not because I’m an amazing public speaker. The kids pay attention because there is always something fun or slightly crazy in the lesson that keeps everyone ‘on their toes’.

Finding new, fun (and slightly crazy) ways to teach kids God’s Word has helped me fall in love with teaching kids all over again.

I started Better Bible Teachers out of this realization so I could share my materials with others.

If you are ready for a new approach to Sunday School material that keeps the Bible at the center of everything while keeping kids crazy interested I invite you to join the BetterBibleTeachers community today.


I’m Here For You

BetterBibleTeachers isn’t just a bunch of (amazing) curriculum. It’s access to someone just like you who understands the struggles and difficulties of teaching Sunday School every week. You don’t have to do this alone. No more getting stuck or frustrated. No more rehashing the same ideas over and over again. Let me help you.


The BetterBible Teachers Curriculum Gives You…

Songs to Sing (with motions)

No need to reinvent the wheel. I scour YouTube for two worship songs that will fit perfectly with each series theme and then provide links in each lesson for you to sing them.

Fun Activities

I like activities with movement! That’s why every lesson includes (simple to set up) activities, for both large and small groups, that get kids moving and learning. Kids learn through play…so I try to leverage that in my materials.

Object Lessons

I love object lessons and my members keep asking for more. So that’s what I deliver! Aside from the e-book of 35 object lessons you can instantly download once you are a member, there are also several curriculums with an object lesson in EVERY week’s material.

And I don’t do object lessons unless there is some element of surprise or intrigue to them. (they have to be interesting and fun!)

Lesson Scripts

If you can read, then you can teach an interesting lesson! No need to be a dynamic communicator…just follow the script! You’ll discover every script has at least 1 or 2 unexpected ‘fun’ elements that keeps kids attention on the message you are delivering!


Each week you’ll find a group game that correlates with the lesson being taught. From relay races to “Pictionary” style contests, each game is sure to bring an extra dose of fun to your classroom.

…and more!



from all different types of churches…



“I just love your object lessons and curriculum. They are so engaging and perfect for the kids
– Vanessa H, BetterBibleTeachers Member


“Things are going great! Teachers love your lessons. I have looked at the new (curriculum) additions and I love them. What a great mind God has given you to be so creative and drive home the reality of Bible times to our kids. Thank YOU!”
– Pat S, BetterBibleTeachers Member


“Things are going excellently. The lessons…the skits…and the activities are a treasure…they gap the interest of the students and keep them focused. The lessons are making learning about the Bible great fun.”
– Sharon S, BetterBibleTeachers Member


Our is a very small church with varying attendance of kids…We’re using your curriculum for the first time this year – and the kids LOVE it. They’re bright kids and the games, stories, etc. are sparking very insightful questions.
– Amy L, BetterBibleTeachers Member


Today I taught from the series on David and the lesson script itself was interactive and perfect. Thanks for all you do!
– Elissa B, BetterBibleTeachers Member


I’m just like you….

Great Sunday School material is attainable and affordable

Click here to start your 5-day trial for just $1!


This is the perfect opportunity to experience Sunday School curriculum you love.

If you are a Sunday School teacher like me, and are tired of trying to make your current lesson ‘work’ than take a look at what I’ve created. It’s designed to keep everyone…even the boys totally focused and engaged the entire time. I love using it, and I think you will too!


There’s no risk in joining. If you like it, great, your membership will renew automatically at the regular rate. If you don’t want to keep it… no worries at all. You can cancel anytime. It’s as easy as clicking ‘Cancel’ or emailing me. Whatever you prefer!



Get instant access to 95+ weeks of teaching material perfect for 2nd-4th grade kids!

Some of the curriculums available immediately include:

Stoned, Shaken & Shipwrecked
A 7-week series on the life of the Apostle Paul

That’s Amazing!
A 5-week series on the miracles of Jesus

Bible Baseball
A 5-week baseball themed series on the Minor Prophets

Elijah-The Rain Game
A 5-week series on the life of Elijah

Peter Can
A 10-week series on the life of Peter

In all, there is 95 weeks of teaching material available immediately upon joining!



Plus…Join Today and Receive:
2 Extra E-Books At No Additional Cost!

The Dizzy Mummy | 52 Sunday School Games

Having some fun game ideas in your back pocket is always helpful. So what I did was put together an ENTIRE YEAR’S WORTH of games. 52 games…one for every week of the year if you like.

From a mummy wrapping race to m&m pick up contest these games work for every size classroom and don’t require getting any expensive or time-consuming props.

Also, these games are in addition to the games included with every lesson, so you’ll be overflowing with amazing game ideas from the moment you join!



35 Stunning Object Lessons for Kids

I think object lessons are a fantastic way to drive home biblical truth. I don’t know of any kid who won’t pay attention when something seems like it might explode (or otherwise go horribly wrong)!

So I’ve collected 35 object lessons that are awesome and put them in this e-book. These aren’t the boring ones either. Every one of these object lessons has some sort of “that’s cool!” factor to them. If there isn’t an element of surprise in the lesson, I don’t use them. I’m not into lame-tastic object lessons.

So as soon as you join the membership, you get immediate access to this e-book, and can download it instantly!



What version of the Bible do you use? I don’t stick to one particular version across all of the curriculum. Generally speaking verses are typically from the NIV, NIrV, and the NASB.

What age group is this curriculum for? I write with a 2nd – 4th grade age audience in mind.

What if I join and I don’t like the material? You can either click the “Cancel” button or email me directly. Canceling is super easy. This is on purpose. I only want you as part of this membership if you enjoy the curriculum material.

Are the documents editable? Yes! All the lesson files live in Google Docs. It is a simple 2-click process to download any lesson from there to a Microsoft Word file (or the format of your choosing) for easy editing.

Will there be new material created? Definitely. I am always working on new curriculums and tools for Sunday School teachers. As a member you have access to all the new stuff as well as what is listed on this page. (in other words, everything!)

Is the curriculum about….included in the price? Yes! Access to e-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g is included with your membership (either monthly or yearly). Nothing is held back!

Will you create a curriculum about….? Yes and no! All members are welcome at ANY time to request a curriculum theme. (I welcome it!) Based on the upcoming production schedule I do my best to accomodate requests. I can’t absolutely guarantee I’ll make every requested curriculum, but I am always creating new materials based off of member’s ideas!

Can I pass my login out to my entire staff? I work with churches on an individual basis for group access like this. Email me (nathan -at- betterbibleteachers -dotcom-) and I’ll work with you on the details.



Join BetterBibleTeachers Today!

Stop spending hours searching for new lesson ideas.

Treat yourself to curriculum written by a teacher and for active kids!

Spend more time with your family and friends and let me do the hard research and writing work for you.

You’ll be glad you did!


Click here to start your 5-day trial for just $1!


BetterBibleTeachers exists to equip volunteers to teach the Bible to kids in crazy interesting ways.

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