50 Upbeat, 2024 Sunday School Songs With Motions!


Energetic Christian Worship

No other God is higher and no other God reigns but our God. What more do you need for children to understand than that??!!!

I can't get enough of songs that take their lyrics directly from Scripture. This song by Bethel Music really makes 2 Corinthians 3:17 hit home in a fun, meaningful way.

This is an incredible country rock-ish version of a familiar song that reminds us there's NO ONE like our God. Jesus loves US...let's help children sing about it!

A clever upbeat song about prayer - a subject that's pretty much ignore in Sunday School songs.

All of us want a friend...and all of us have one. Help children celebrate their unchangeable perfect friendship with Jesus!

This song answers two important questions that EVERY kid has: "Why am I here on earth?" and "What is my purpose?"

A song that helps children memorize Bible verses? Yes please!

Simple but powerful lyrics. This is the perfect song for little kids who have the wiggles!

Here's a fun groovy song that will encourage your children to go "all in" and follow Jesus.

Let's celebrate our God, the only PERFECT one!

A fun Christian worship song to encourage all your kiddos to praise the Lord!

We are all sinners, saved by God's grace. Yes we are! (Yes, I am!)

I am just a nobody, trying to tell EVERYBODY about Jesus!

Jesus loves us and we TRUST Him!

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Amazing Easter Songs for Sunday School 2024

Sing and shout! Jesus rose from the grave and has power over death!

Here’s a rockin’ refresh on a timeless hymn with a simple, catchy chorus.

This one will get every foot tappin’ and all hands clappin’.

Forever, I will stand and sing - it is finished!!

A new, modern twist on an old familiar hymn.

In His death, I live! This great hymn becomes a great Easter worship song for your Sunday School kids!

Another “Hosanna” Sunday School song - this one would be great for younger kids.

A new, modern twist on an old familiar hymn.

What’s more fun than playing freeze tag? Doing a freeze dance, of course.

Just Plain Fun Bible Songs

I have listened to this song WAAAAYYY too much. It's catchy, it's fun, and it's pretty stinkin' educational too. Fair warning: it will get stuck in your head!

This song is fun, upbeat, and encourages children to share God's Word with others! You won't find a lot of Sunday School songs about witnessing which is why I love this one.

We've worn these lyrics out at my church during our worship time. Even with that said, I'm not sure I could remember all the motions if my life depended on it ...lol.

An energetic song for children that will have them throwing their hands in the air proclaiming Jesus loves them and is with them..always by their side.

This tune is one of those fun 'opener' type of Sunday School songs. It's a great way to get children singing and moving while reminding them of God's love.

I think we have ended Summer Blast with this song for many many years running. I love this one. Jesus loves us and this song celebrates Him!

A pretty 'classic' jam in my opinion - even if it isn't in the "classics" section of this page. Love this song's message about how Jesus loves us before we ever love Him.

Absolutely NOTHING is impossible for our God. So let's sing about, shall we?! A great way to get those Sunday kids moving!

Praise is powerful. In fact, we are commanded to Enter his gates with.....praise!! (Psalm 100:4)

A very fun and very specific song for a very specific story in Exodus. Love that combination!

This wonderful Sunday School song celebrates the light and the love of Jesus.

No matter what, God has us in the palm of His hands and He will never leave us or forsake us!

A song that celebrates God's love and grace to us that is far greater than we can imagine. Let's celebrate that Jesus loves us!

Not a deep theological song...but children love to sing this. No matter what, God has us in the palm of His hands!

Updated Classic Sunday School Songs

One of the classic songs for sure...with a fun modern vibe.

A VERY familiar song about how Jesus loves us...but with a fun new vibe. You and the children will love this one.

Another one of the classic songs on having faith in Jesus. It's SOOOOO fun! A permanent fixture for childrens songs we need to keep around!

"...I'm gonna let it shine..." Another one of those recognizable songs...but this worship song has some new words and fun beat.

So I'll admit this one isn't really NEW...but the video is great and who doesn't love these motions??!!

Love this song and it's message about God's power. This might be one of those hymns kids have heard before...but with a fun twist.

An old hymn with an updated "vibe". Songs like these have good sound doctrine focus on God. This one is great for worship with your children.

Here's a fun current twist on the king of old Sunday School songs: "Halleljuah" Last time I sang this with the motions, my knees sounded like popcorn in the microwave!

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Songs About Being Thankful

A song that celebrates all that God has done for us. God's love never fails that's worth teaching kids to give thanks to God.

There are so many reasons to be thankful to God - but perhaps most of all for saving us from our sin! This is one of those songs you'll love!

So...how many different descriptions can you make for songs that talk about being thankful to God!? Lol...I'm not sure - but here's another good one.

The song title pretty much says it, help kids remember GIVE THANKS - with a spirit of gratitude.

It's not drudgery or because we "have to". It's a GOOD thing to give thanks to the Lord. This is a wonderful reminder of that truth for Sunday School kids.

Awesome Christmas Songs for Kids in 2024

Fill the streets with praise and celebrate our Savior on this JOYFUL day!

Relaxed, yet spirited Christmas song that's easy for children to sing.

One of the great songs that celebrate Jesus - God's gift to us at Christmastime.

An obvious pick in a list of Christmas songs! Here's a fun version with a fresh musical twist.

A super fun one to help children remember that JESUS is what Christmas is all about.

Four kid-focused songs with fresh, upbeat musical arrangements.

Like the song says, "It's Christmas...sing with us!"

One of those songs we all know. Let's share the good news with everyone, a Savior is born!

Christmas sure is fun, but we don't have to wait for December to celebrate our Saviour!

On the list of classic Christmas songs for sure....for good a reason!

One of the classic Bible songs that just sounds like Christmas the minute it starts.

Jesus, a Heavenly King sent from above is truly the best gift EVER!

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And I'm doing something about this.

I still want to present the life-changing and UNCHANGING truth of God's Word, but I want it to be fun for kids to listen to. I want to tell jokes. I want to reference Taylor Swift or sports or a funny kids movie.

I want kids to never know what's going to happen next on any given Sunday!

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