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Simple (but fantastic) Object Lesson

While you wait on that's one of my most popular object lessons. It's a simple (but strangely effective) way to talk about faith.

I know what you are thinking....

"Putting a blindfold on isn't anything new.."

I know...but keep reading (and watching!) to find out my spin on this popular idea. It adds a little danger to the mix!


About Me and the Family

I'm Nathan, that's my wife Kristie, and my son Nolan. We are a family of 3 living in San Diego, California. (Ignore the Seattle background...that was taken on vacation!)

I've been a volunteer Sunday School Teacher since 2005. After teaching from a variety of curriculums I decided to create material I thought might keep even the regulars on the edge of their seat. worked 🙂

So now, I continue to create ridiculously interesting elementary curriculum for anyone who feels the same pain.

The Mission of BetterBibleTeachers

We are dedicated to teaching God's Word to kids in crazy interesting ways.

From me, aka: Nathan...

I love teaching kids about God's Word. I regularly teach elementary Sunday School at a Baptist church in San Diego, CA and I love it.

But I'm also disappointed.

I constantly see kids in Sunday School who should be listening to the lesson but instead are squirming in their seats and goofing off with the kids around them. And that's discouraging to me because it happens on a regular basis. At church we are presenting the most valuable information a kid could ever hear. So it MUST be as interesting as possible.

And I'm doing something about this.

I still want to present the life-changing and UNCHANGING truth of God's Word, but I want it to be fun for kids to listen to. I want to tell jokes. I want to reference Taylor Swift or sports or a funny kids movie.

I want kids to never know what's going to happen next on any given Sunday!

I believe God uses the power of His Word to transform lives, and I want to make the presentation of His Word as interesting to kids as humanly possible.

You down?

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