Who Should Kids Follow?

YouTubers? Famous People? Their friends?


Your Sunday School kids are following something or someone! Maybe it’s their favorite YouTuber, or a popular writer.

Let’s encourage kids to follow Jesus with everything they have! This free 6-week curriculum will have you laughing, singing, and teaching elementary kids what it means to follow Jesus.

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Inside the Free 6-Week Series:

Play Fun Games

Human tic tac toe, cup kick, follow & freeze - fun games intro key ideas.

Songs & Motions

Group Worship videos include song lyrics and motions.

Object Lessons

Do "impossible" Object Lessons kids love and pay attention to!

Complete Lesson Script

Take my lesson script and make it yours...or teach as is. Your choice!

Ready Instantly

All 6-weeks are ready to use now. The work is done for you!

Don't forget!

Every lesson includes a parent-friendly summary of the lesson!


About Me and the Family

I'm Nathan, that's my wife Kristie, and my son Nolan. We are a family of 3 living in San Diego, California. (Ignore the Seattle background...that was taken on vacation!)

I've been a volunteer Sunday School Teacher since 2005 and I love finding ways to make sharing Jesus as fun and as engaging for kids as possible. As kid's ministry teachers, we are sharing the Gospel, the GOOD NEWS!! - so let's make it as ridiculously interesting for energetic kids as possible.

If you love kids and you love Jesus you might just love what we got going on here!

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