"Crazy Fun" Elementary Sunday School Curriculum

I write crazy intresting curriculum for elementary age kids

Hi, I'm Nathan...

After almost 15 years of teaching a variety of Sunday School curriculums, I decided I needed something better. The materials I was using to lead my class were ok, but I found myself constantly doing a ‘song and dance’ each week trying to keep the kids interested.

The Struggle: The kids already know the Bible story really, really, really well

Does this sound familiar?

The kids know the story before you even get the first sentence out of your mouth. You've barely said the name "David" and they have already checked out because they have HEARD IT BEFORE!

Then you feel DOOMED to an hour of well,...chaos, because you know they are probably not going to pay very much attention.


It doesn't have to be that way. After all, kids watch the same movies over and over again

There's got to be a better way to teach familiar Bible stories.

And there is.

Kids watch the same movies over and over again, while paying attention. So the fact they know the story isn't the problem! The solution is the WAY you tell the story. Let me help you capture everyone's attention by always including fun little surprises to keep everyone ‘on their toes’.

Fall in love with teaching all over again...

Finding new (and slightly crazy) ways to teach kids God's Word has helped me fall in love with teaching all over again.

BetterBibleTeachers works for Pat!

"Things are going great. Teachers love your lessons. I have looked at the new (curriculum) additions and I love them. What a great mind God has given you to be so creative and drive home the reality of Bible times to our kids. Thank YOU!"

Pat S.


The BetterBibleTeachers Curriculum Library

An ever-growing collection of elementary teaching resources...(so this picture is almost always out of date!)


Full Curriculum Access

Every member has immediate access to ALL of the resources.

Games Galore

Inside every lesson you'll find several games. Kids don't just learn by 'sitting and soaking'.

Songs with motions

Every lesson includes links to songs with lyrics AND motions!

Print and Teach Ready

Using the materials is as easy as... Step 1: Print.  Step 2: Teach!

Object Lessons

You'll find object lessons galore throughout all of my material. (I love them!!)

Words for the Week

Each lesson includes a lesson recap kids can take home to help remember what they've learned.

Complete Lesson Script

Every lesson includes a complete script to follow along with or inspire you.

Stand-Alone Lessons

Every member has access to a bunch of stand-alone lessons for those weeks when you don't want to start a new series.

Fun Activities

Since kids learn through play, each lesson includes easy to play games for both large and small groups.

In Their Own Words...

Cindy in Ottawa loves the approach...

Cindy wanted to find material that didn't jump from topic to topic but stayed focused on a character to let the kids get to know them in an in-depth way.

Jonathan loves the ease of use...

BetterBibleTeachers lessons fit his church's schedule and structure. Not only that but the format allows volunteer college students to easily teach the lessons without having to do much more than just show up!

How the BetterBibleTeachers Curriculum Works

Login to the Members Area

Anytime you want new material you visit BetterBibleTeachers.com and click "Login" at the top of the website.

Select your desired lesson

Once you log in you are presented with the option to download either curriculum series or stand-alone lessons. From there are you taken to a page where you can click on the lesson or lessons you'd like to access and download.

It's as easy as it sounds!


Read, Download and Teach!

Once you click on the link a Google Doc will open with the complete lesson inside. From there you can read, download, and print your lesson out.


Come back for more when you are ready

The member's area is always available for you. So whether you choose to login each week or come back every once in a while, you have 24/7 365 access to all the material you need to make your lesson a HUGE success!

2 Great Ways to Get Complete Curriculum Access!

Become a member by choosing one of the options below. You'll gain immediate access to all the great BetterBibleTeachers resources.


$ 29 / month
  • Complete Curriculum Access
  • Stand-Alone Lessson Access
  • One Low Monthly Price
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$ 300 / year
  • Complete Curriculum Access
  • Stand-Alone Lesson Access
  • Save $ by purchasing a fully year
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“I just love your object lessons and curriculum. They are so engaging and perfect for the kids

Vanessa H.


“Things are going excellently. The lessons…the skits…and the activities are a treasure…they gap the interest of the students and keep them focused. The lessons are making learning about the Bible great fun.”


BetterBibleTeachers isn’t just a bunch of (amazing) curriculum.

It’s access to someone just like you who understands the struggles and difficulties of teaching Sunday School every week. You don’t have to do this alone. No more getting stuck or frustrated. No more rehashing the same ideas over and over again.

Let me help you.


Here are some of the most frequently asked questions about the curriculum material.

Have more questions? No problem! Get in touch with me here.

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