Teaching God's Word to kids should be serious fun.

Go ahead, saunter into your Sunday School class! Be the incredible teacher God made you to be with Jesus-first curriculum that empowers you with fresh, fun ideas.

Skip the burnout, and the boredom. Fall in love with Sunday School all over again.


I'm Nathan (that's Nolan) and I love teaching elementary kids about Jesus

After almost 15 years of teaching a variety of Sunday School curriculums, I decided I needed something better. The material I was using to lead my class was ok, but I found myself constantly working on last-minute ideas to predictable lessons more...interesting.

My class is a bunch of Sunday School "veterans". The kids know ALLLLL the stories - so I better bring something interesting or else its...chaos 🙂

After I had done this for a while, I decided to create lessons...I didn't have to fix! And now I get to share them with you.

The Struggle: The kids already know the Bible story really, really, really well

The Solution: Use creative storytelling to keep them interested


The (Other) Struggle: You still have to teach the lesson to them

The (Other) Solution: Use curriculum designed for teachers facing the "familiar story" challenge

Fall in love with teaching all over again...

Finding new (and slightly crazy) ways to teach kids God's Word has helped me fall in love with teaching all over again.

BetterBibleTeachers works for Pat!

"Things are going great. Teachers love your lessons. I have looked at the new (curriculum) additions and I love them. What a great mind God has given you to be so creative and drive home the reality of Bible times to our kids. Thank YOU!"

Pat S.


Kids watch their favorite movies over and over again. Familar Bible stories aren't the problem. It's ALL TOO familiar storytelling that is the problem.

The BetterBibleTeachers Curriculum Library

An ever-growing collection of elementary teaching resources...(250+ weeks of lessons and counting!)


Full Curriculum Access

Every member has immediate access to ALL of the resources.

Games Galore

Inside every lesson you'll find several games. Kids don't just learn by 'sitting and soaking'.

Songs with motions

Every lesson includes links to songs with lyrics AND motions!

Print and Teach Ready

Using the materials is as easy as... Step 1: Print.  Step 2: Teach!

Object Lessons

You'll find object lessons galore throughout all of my material. (I love them!!)

Words for the Week

Each lesson includes a lesson recap kids can take home to help remember what they've learned.

Complete Lesson Script

Every lesson includes a complete script to follow along with or inspire you.

Stand-Alone Lessons

Every member has access to a bunch of stand-alone lessons for those weeks when you don't want to start a new series.

Fun Activities

Since kids learn through play, each lesson includes easy to play games for both large and small groups.

PLUS Stand-Alone Lessons for any week at any time


There are times when a multi-week teaching series doesn't really work. You want a one-week lesson that can stand by itself. That is exactly what this collection is for. It is perfectly suited for any week, at any time of year!

Your curriculum membership also includes these amazing e-books:

  • The DIzzy Mummy

    An amazing list of kid-friendly games for EVERY. SINGLE. WEEK. OF. THE. YEAR. Yup! 52 games, so you never run out of ideas!

  • 200 Jokes For Kids

    I think the title pretty well sums it up.

  • 100+ Activity Sheets

    A collection of seek & find, word searches, crossword puzzles, coloring pages, and more for a huge variety of Bible stories.

  • 79 Object Lessons

    These are NOT your average boring object lessons, these are fun science experiments, "magic tricks" and more that will have your kids on the edge of their seats as you remind them of powerful biblical truths.

Cancel anytime! No long-term comittments. (Nobody has time for that!)

When you join you gain immediate access to everything.
When you don't want to use the materials anymore, you can cancel your membership just as fast!

In Their Own Words...


Cindy in Ottawa loves the approach...

Cindy wanted to find material that didn't jump from topic to topic but stayed focused on a character to let the kids get to know them in an in-depth way.


Jonathan loves the ease of use...

BetterBibleTeachers lessons fit his church's schedule and structure. Not only that but the format allows volunteer college students to easily teach the lessons without having to do much more than just show up!


Abby is a veteran

Abby is a veteran teacher and has taught a bit of everything really. But when she found BetterBibleTeachers she knew it was the one for her.

How the BetterBibleTeachers Curriculum Works

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“I just love your object lessons and curriculum. They are so engaging and perfect for the kids

Vanessa H.


“Things are going excellently. The lessons…the skits…and the activities are a treasure…they gap the interest of the students and keep them focused. The lessons are making learning about the Bible great fun.”


Statement of Faith

BetterBibleTeachers exists to teach God's Word to kids in crazy interesting ways.

Only One God

We believe there is only one God, eternally existing in three persons: Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

66 Inspired Books of the Bible

We believe the 66 books of the Old and New Testament are the inspired, authoritative, and complete revelation of God.

Born of a Virgin, Sinless

We believe Jesus Christ is the Son of God, the promised Messiah, conceived in the flesh by the Holy Spirt, born of a virgin, sinless in His life, and faithful through His death, burial, and bodily resurrection.

Washed in the Blood

We believe that the blood of Jesus Christ, shed on the cross, is the sole basis for the forgiveness of sin. We believe God freely offers salvation to those who place their faith in the death and resurrection as sufficient payment for their sin.

Frequently Asked Questions

Ridiculously interesting stories for teachers who love God's Word.

Love your life AND your class. Skip the hours trying to "fix" your lesson and let me be your secret "Sunday School idea machine".

You be the teacher God made you to be, and I'll be back here throwing some fun ideas your way.

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